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My mother is addicted to drugs and my dad isn't even dead for real. Are you kidding me? I've been through too much to act like this shit doesn't hurt. After finding out my father was still alive. I passed out. I cursed him out and then he left. I didn't care where he went or what he left to do. I wanted him out my face.
"I gave Prince a bath and he is fed and put for bed. Anything you need before I go ?" Semaj asked taking a seat on the bed next to me.

"No baby that's all I'm good. Thank you I'm glad that you got him to go to bed. It's hard to get him to sleep when your gone. It's like he doesn't like to be without you since he's been home." I explained typing away on my laptop. I was looking for a building to lease for my store that I was working on.
"Baby he just misses his Daddy he'll come around soon." Semaj rubbed my legs then placing a kiss on my lips.
"Baby can you believe my father? He had the nerve to show up this late in my life."
"Baby look I heard everything and saw everything and that shit is crazy. One thing I could say is that I would of did the same thing if it was you and my son and our baby." Semaj started. "He made a decision that he felt was best for his family. He had no clue that it would bring you guys down like that but just know he thought it was keeping you alive because it would hurt to lose you guys if he stays. He'll have to live with knowing that he killed his family. He made the choice to save y'all lives over his life." Semaj explained. I couldn't help but see that he was somewhat right. My dad did something that hurt me deep but it was only for my safety.
"At least talk to him, hear him out."
"Baby I don't know if I can. I went through a lot. Fuck that ! We went through a lot." I was referring to my mother and I. My mother and I was dead close but drugs tore her away from me. She turned into the devil. If my dad never left she wouldn't have even touched drugs. My dad ruined my life trying to save it.
"Baby I'm not taking his side I'm just letting you hear how I feel about the situation. It's your choice. Whatever you choose I'll be right by your side." Semaj kissed me once more before leaving out. Semaj was leaving to go to Miami about some business. I had time to myself to think and work on my store I was a little excited but totally distracted.

A few days went passed. Prince was beginning to come around to him old self. After a few trips to the park and having outdoor meals and goodies he was back to being my best friend.

One day I took Prince with me to get my hair done then grocery shopping. While I was walking around the store with Prince at the dairy section and Thats where I saw him again. We stood there not saying anything at first.
"Look I still hate you for the shit that happened because you left. But I can't be like this so I want us to talk and hear each other out. I'm cooking dinner its bout time you actually meet my family. Come by my house and I'll give you an introduction." I said handing him a piece of paper with my address on it.
"What time should I be there?"
"Alright thank you for giving me a chance."
"Yeah I guess." I walked away. I was actually about to have dinner with my father introducing him to my life since after he left. I wasn't even sure anymore if I wanted to hear why he did the things he did. I drove home and by then Prince was knocked out in the back seat but thank God Semaj was home already with the guys over that they grabbed the bags while I put my baby boy in the bed. I kissed him on the  cheek then I turned his light off and closed his door a little still letting the hallway light shine inside the darkness.

When I got back downstairs the guys were watching football eating snacks and drinking beer. I was blessed. I had my family back and most of all my man was straight. At this point I couldn't be more happy to be living then right now.

After the guys left Semaj joined me in the kitchen. He gripped my waist from behind kissing on my neck. I knew Semaj was a little drunk from drinking with his boys so he was ready to get it off.
"My baby been running around all day." Semaj kissed my back once more.
"Yeah handling business."
"Word how the store coming?"
"I got something cooking up but just know this is going to be dope."
"I know it will baby girl."
"Baby I saw my father today."
"I invited him to dinner."
"Who else is to be at this dinner?"
"Me , You ,Prince ,your mother, Issac's girlfriend."
"Not Danny?"
"Look if she can respect me then she can come but I don't got time for her disrespect."
"Fine I'll talk to her but that's good baby I see you making an effort to make sense of everything."
"I just want the truth."
"Don't we all baby?" Semaj kissed me and then we made our way to the bedroom. The next morning I woke up to a text from Semaj that he took Prince to his mother's house. I guess he made his mind up about her being around more. I took the time alone to get in the shower and relax. I took the time also to work on my store so far things were coming along great. I already brought the place and I had men working in the structure as we speak. I was transforming my dream into reality.

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