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So far I've been doing better with my recovery. I had been taking counseling to help with dealing with the past of Mister. I have been gaining weight too. I was starting to feel like my old happy self.
"Hey Veronica I see you smiling today." Alice said joining me at the table for breakfast.
"Yeah I'm just in a good mood today."
"Veronica it's good to see you happy and looking healthy."

After breakfast I went to sit and have a session with my counselor. Then after that I went to the library to read. Lately I've been reading amd writing letters. The letter were to Nana and Mister. I truly missed them both. I just wish they could both actually see it. My counselor said it was best to put my thoughts on paper instead of letting them crowd my head.

During the afternoon it was visitation hours. People would bring their families to have sessions with them. I honestly didn't know anyone who would want to come visit me. So I spent my time reading.

While reading the visitor mentor came over to me. The lady was the same one who also worked the front desk sometimes. She was very sweet. she had to be around early Twenties or Mid-twenties.
"Hello there is someone here to see you." She said leading me to the visting room. I was speechless because I didn't plan on having a visitor.

When we got to the room I was even more speechless. I saw the one face I never thought I could see again. I seen Mister standing in the middle of the room with his hands in his pocket. I had been sober for sometime now so I was for sure not going crazy.

I walked over slowly to Mister. I had mixed feelings about seeing him. I also had tons of questions. But I only had an hour to do so.

We both stood there facing each other. I then took a seat and so did. Mister.
"So people can come back to life from the grave now?" I asked.
"Veronica you don't even know the half of what I had to go through. I wanted to keep you and Nana safe." Mister explained.

"What you had to go through? Do you not see where I am? These past years was crazy for Nana and me. What made you think faking your death was the best option?"
"Look veronica I'm sorry for what I put y'all through. I really am. I wish I could take it back. But I can't. I'm trying to fix things."

I sat there in silence trying to figure out what to say next. I was glad to see Mister alive but I was hurt that I really put myself through so much only for him to be alive the whole time.
"You need to understand that I'm in recovery now and I'm working on getting better. Not just for myself but for my daughter too. I need you to understand your death took a toll on Nana and I and there are no words that can describe how I really feel. If you want what's best for me try to stay away from me. I can't have you on my mind during this time. It's just too much." I stood up and walked away.

Mister was all I ever wanted and all I ever thought I needed. Knowing I'm the reason my child didn't feel safe. Knowing I choose to do drugs with Mister's best friend. That's not even the half of what I did. Knowing all those things just made me feel like I wasn't worth much.

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