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I was happy with how my recovery was going. Mister and I have been working through our issues and we are considering give this family a second chance. I'm more than grateful that my daughter has chosen to forgive me and fix our relationship. I had been going to my counselor and talking out my problems. I was getting so much better.
"Hey V," Mister kissed me and gave me a hug. He has came to visit me everyday of visitations. It makes me feel important again.
"Hey. Have you spoken to Nana?"
"Yeah she went to L.A with her friends for her birthday she'll be back in a few days."
"I can't believe she's eighteen already. She is growing so fast."
"Yeah same thing I said I left and she was little girl and when I came back she was a grown woman."
"Yeah it has been a while."
"Yeah but I won't ever leave my family again."
"Yeah my counselor said she would help me find a job when I get out of here too."
"That's good. I got a job."
"Really doing what? I hope not back on them streets again."
"No but I was considering it since I couldn't find a job."
"Really , so after that lifestyle stole you away from your family you was thinking of going back?"
"Look I was thinking I'm not actually doing it. I got a job working at a club. Semaj gave me a job handling his paper work and counting his money and inventory to make sure his numbers added up and it pays good."
"Well as long as there is nothing illegal going on I'm okay with you working there."
"Baby I'm not trying to destroy anything you and I have going."
"Now What does nana think about you working with her child's father , who's also her ex?"
"I haven't told her yet I planned on telling her when she gets back from L.A I can't ruin her birthday trip."
"Well Nana doesn't like to be lied to so you better be honest with her or she'll push away from you fast."
"I know. So when you get out of here I want to take you to Vegas. You know our dream trip."
"Mister we are going to Vegas?"
"Yes baby That our dream trip you and I still never got a chance to go."
"Yeah we didn't."
"Well we can go this time round. We have the money now and I had the time. We will go to all the places you want to go and do the things we said we would."
"Remember we said we go there for our honeymoon?" I laughed.
"Yeah we were young and so in love." Mister laughed too.
"Yeah those were the good times."
"Yeah I'm ready to give you the world. You and Nana. I want to make the most important women in my life happy until I'm dead and gone."
"Mister I  just want you to make sure you are making the right decisions. Nana will not be happy with this job. I'm glad your working and it's not involved in an illegal environment. But I know our daughter and she will flip out when this is said to her. That's the truth."
"I will be sure to tell her sooner than later and I'll make sure she understands, and if she still feels like I shouldn't do then I let the job go."
"Okay well if you don't want to lose your daughter again you better figure out fast how you want to do things."
"I'll figure things out and everyone will be happy."
"Okay as long as you are sure of it then there isn't anything bad about that."
"I'm positive."

After my visit from Mister I was more then ever concerned about my daughters feelings I knew  this news would break her heart and it will turn her away from her father but it was something I wanted to control but Mister has for sure made his mind up, that's just something I can't agree with.

For the next couple of days I did my regular group sessions and my one-on-one sessions with my therapist. I've been living my life. I was getting visits from Mister and since Nana is back in town she said she would stop by to visit me the morning of her Grand Opening.
I was so proud of my daughter. My only child was all grown and about being a boss. I couldn't believe how my little princess had turned into a queen and has even inspired me to be a boss myself. My daughter was the one person who I never really treated right. My daughter. I hated myself for the selfishness but I knew my future actions will be better than the past.

"Hey mom." Nana smiled. I adored her glow. She had a nice tan from L.A. but I notice a different type of glow."
"Who is he?" I asked throwing her off guard.
"What you mean? What are you talking about?"
"I know that glow and I know the difference between a pregnancy glow and a love glow. So who is he?"
"I'm not crushing on anyone." I could tell she was holding back because of her lacking eye contact with me.
"Nana I know you too well."
"Well we are friends." She started. "I met him in L.A. I see that we share a few things in common and I love being around him. He's sweet and he's super fine, but I can't stop thinking about Semaj."
"Semaj is your first love that's a normal way to feel right. The break up is still a little fresh."
"Yeah but it's the way he treats me. It seems like a fairytale. He gives me what I need and want but.." she paused.
"Semaj is who you love." I finished.
"Look I met your father dating one of his friends. And his friend would dog me out he did everything and good man wouldn't dare to do. Your father knew it and so did everyone else. Your father and I started being close friends then we fell in love. I knew he made me feel a strong way but I loved his friend. I couldn't see myself with anyone but his friend so it made me distant myself from him. Some time later we both just just made it about us. I left his friend and I started working on things with your father. Now your father is the most romantic , sweet , respectful, kind, hardworking, trusting and loyal man that I ever loved."
"So that how y'all met?"
"Yeah but just know we both had fears. I didn't want to lose the one person I loved and Mister didn't want to lose his friend. But I fell in love with a man that deserved me and you should go with the one that makes you feel happy. Don't let someone walk all over your heart. You deserve the world princess."
"So you think I should give him a chamce?"
"Well first tell me what he's like?"
"Well he's sweet. He is romantic and very caring. He is very supportive. He has a daughter that's one and he's a single father. He really understands me. He doesn't want to change me he cares for me and the person I am. He's someone I can see myself with the rest of my life. He's everything I ever wanted."
"What does he do for a living?"
"He owns two businesses a club and restaurant."
"Okay well he seems like a great guy. I say you give him a chance and you just take it slow and see where things go. Don't move too slow but don't hold back either. Just put your best foot forward and see where it takes you."
"Okay thanks mom that the best advice you've ever gave me. I love you so much I'm so glad your getting your life together. I want you to come stay with me after you get out of here. I want you to be around me more and I want us to be closer than ever."
"I would love that baby girl. I love you too. Now tonight I want you to enjoy life and be sure to keep your cool no matter what."
"Okay mama. I have to get going I have a lot of things to get to before the Grand Opening tonight."
"Okay I love you and enjoy." We hugged and kissed. My baby girl was all grown and I was never so proud of her. My daughter was giving me life with her holding her won and living out her dream.

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