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I lay here waiting for Semaj to come back from the store when Tanya called.
"Wassup bitch?" Tanya yelled into the phone.
"Nothing much I'm just not feeling well." I replied less excited.
"I know Semaj told us."
"What you mean? What are you talking about?"
"Semaj just called Maniac and told us he thinks your pregnant. Maniac told him to buy the pregnancy test."
"He is starting to drive me crazy with this baby shit."
"What are you talking about ? You always wanted kids why are you not as happy ?"
"Tanya I'm seventeen I ain't even out of high school yet. I'll be damn if I bring a baby in this world before I should . I'll just end up like my drug addict ass mother.
"Nana that's different."

"How ?Because my boyfriend sells drugs and makes enough money to buy the city?" I snapped.
"I'm gonna give you a pass because your not feeling well but I'm not the one you should be snapping at. I've been here since the beginning but I guess you forgot. Bye." Tanya hung up I sat there looking at the phone. Then I heard the house door close , Semaj was finally home.

I walked downstairs. When I got down there I seen Semaj taking things out of the bags.

"So you went out and brought a test?" I asked.
"No, actually I brought three." Semaj said in a serious tone.
"I'm not pregnant."
"How do you know?"
"It's my body I would know if I was pregnant."
"Just take the test to ensure me and after that I won't bring it up anymore."

I picked up the three boxes then I walked to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet taking each test one at a time. After I took all three I sat down on the toilet and waited for the results . I was nervous but still a little excited.

I always wanted kids but being raised by my mother made me think twice before planning to have children.

Then a knock came to the door and brought me back down to earth. I opened the door.

"Do you want to talk?" Semaj asked with a smile. I smiled too.
"What's going on?"
"I want to have a family but you know how much I've been through I don't know if I will be a good mom or even if I'll know what I'm doing."
"Baby girl you are not going to know everything. You are going to be expecting your first. I understand all the fears and the negative thoughts but trust me when I say I got you and I will always make sure you and my kids are good."
"So what does it say?"
I took a deep breath then I looked down at the three pregnancy tests and my heart dropped.
"Congrats Daddy." I said smiling. Semaj hugged me and kissed all over me. He was indeed happy that I was pregnant I still could only think about the worst. But I was ready to give it all that I had.

After a while Semaj and I went to bed. The next morning I woke up to get ready for school. I wore a white Calvin Klein shirt with my blue ripped jeans and my grey retro Jordans. I wore my hair in a slicked ponytail to the back. Then I was out the door.

School was going great for me. I wasn't in any drama. I had my grades looking great. I was ending my senior year on a good foot.

When I pulled up to school I seen Tanya out front talking to some boy. So I walked over.
"Tanya we need to talk." I said.
"About What?"
"I was wrong for going off on you like that. I'm just under alot right now and I'm sorry."
"It's okay, I forgive you."
"Good because your about to be an aunty and I'm gonna need you around."
"Omg congrats bitch!"
"Now we can be pregnant together."
"This should be interesting."
"I knew you was but I was just waiting for you to actually find out."
"Whatever let me get to class you should do the same."
"I'm right behind you. But Ii have a question."
"What Tanya?"
"Are you going to prom?"
"Yes I am. I am going to enjoy myself it's my senior year I workded too hard to get here and not go."
"With prom in a couple of days I'm just starting to think I shouldn't go. I'm starting to show and I have to get resized for my dress."
"Look I'm going and you should be right by my side."
"You're right I'll just go."

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