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Shit had been going crazy for me. Between Nana and me , to the streets. I wasn't really in a good space. I wasn't sure about anything. I took a minute to go talk with my mom.

"Semaj I told you this would happen." My mom took a seat at the table.
"I'm just the bad guy?"
"No that's not what I'm saying. I told you that you would not keep Nana if you continued to do the bullshit you was doing. Trina and you might be in love in love now and trying this family thing but remember she was never really the loyal type and shit was never just good with her."
"Why does everyone have a problem.  with Trina and I being a family?"
"We all see through Trina's shit. She pretending she cares and soon you'll see that she didn't."
"We good and y'all need to chill."
"Semaj what did you come here for? For me to tell you that this isn't your fault. Cause it is. Nana was the best one and you fucked that up with the bullshit. Lord only knows how much bullshit you put her though. Then you running around here with Maniac in these streets. I'm sick of babying you into believing that you didn't nothing wrong but you did. Take responsibility for the shit you do and did and be a man." My mom got up and walked upstairs. I grabbed my keys and then I drove home.

When I got there Trina was there with Prince. I couldn't ask for a better way to come home. Prince was waking around with toys everywhere and I saw the house was a mess. Trina sat on the couch on her phone. I instantly didn't like that.
"Yo Trina , why this house not clean?" I asked.
"I did clean it but your son got into everything he could reach."
"Trina there are dishes from last night in the sink. There is stuff everywhere."
"You telling me , like why don't you clean it?"
"Trina I'm out all day working and making money and you can't just clean a house. You don't have to work a day in your life."
"Semaj , Prince is a hand full. Until you can take care a baby and keep a clean house you can tell me."
"Trina just get this house together."
I went upstairs to shower and change clothes. Once dress I went to the club.
"Yo ! What was the reason behind you telling Nana about you giving me a job?" Mister asked me as soon as I stepped foot in the door.
"I'm a grown ass man don't question about the shit I do. If you want to keep this little job you better remember that." I sat with my laptop open at my desk.
"I QUIT!" Mister stormed out and I just laughed.

The last thing I was gonna stress myself out about was , if someone else had a job. After the club I went back home. Trina was laying on the couch sleep with Prince. They looked so peaceful but the house was still a mess.

I tapped Trina to wake her.
"Yes Semaj?" She said wiping her eyes.
"Why you didn't clean the house?"
"Semaj really you're waking me up for that. You want it clean so bad why don't you just clean it."
"Why you acting like that. You a female that is complaining cause I ask you to clean up. Since when did you think dirty was active. This house is a mess I don't do that messy shit. If I can clean and be on daddy duty you should be able to do the same." I grabbed Prince and walked him upstairs to his room.

Once he was laid in bed I went back downstairs to finish talking with Trina. When I came back down she was picking up toys.
"What you made for dinner?" I asked. Looking in the kitchen.
"I made Prince some chicken nuggets and I ordered me some Chinese."
"So I don't live here too?"
"Semaj you out all day I figured you would pick up something while you were out."
"Yo I know that if Nana was here that shit wouldn't be like this. Nana kept a meal on the table and my son was always taken care of. The house would be clean and  I loved that the most she did what needed to be done without having to be asked or forced. Like clean the house and go grocery shopping and shit like that. Simple shit that actually mattered." I walked upstairs to the bed room to lay down and watch tv.

Trina soon came in to continue to argue.
"So you saying you wish you was still with Nana? That's how you really feel?"
"Trina I don't want to argue I'm just saying what you can't do another woman will and can." Trina slapped me then walked into the bathroom.
I laid there mad debating whether I should bust in and tweak out or just let things cool down. I decided to get dress and leave. I grabbed my keys and drove to my mother's house.
"Semaj what you doing here?" My asked inviting me in. I seen she was in her house robe which means she was just about to get in bed.
"Trina and me fighting so I left. I want to stay here in my old room for tonight."
"What was y'all fighting for?"
"Just some stuff but I really don't want to talk I just want to go to sleep."
"Well you know where it is, Semaj I love you son."
"I love you too Ma, good night ." I walked off to my room. I sat on my twin size bed and thought deeply about everything. I then laid down then soon fell asleep.

When I woke up I had five missed calls from Trina and two from Maniac. I called Maniac. I just didn't want argue.

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