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"So when are you leaving?" I asked watching Nana pack up her suitcase.
I was honestly confused for why she even said "yes". I still deeply thought that Semaj was full of shit and he didn't deserve her.
"In a couple of days Semaj has business to handle and I still have some last minute shopping to do. Why, you want me to hurry go and leave?"
" No I'm just asking ,Plus why you agreed to go anyway?"
"Lala honestly I will always love him. I'm actually thinking about to taking him back. But the trip is just to get me away from here for a little bit."
"You're actually thinking about giving him a second chance?"
"Why shouldn't I ?"
"He's a cheater and a liar."
"Lala chill out it's still a thought."
"It shouldn't be but it's up to you anyway. Its not my life it's yours." I walked out the room and downstairs to get my things to go out.

I knew Nana loved Semaj but the question was did he love her? I couldn't waste time thinking about that I had bigger fish to fry.

I pulled up to my baby father's house to get my daughter I saw a new 2018 Benz parked out front. I began to boil. Leon was a weed selling dude and he barley had money but he stayed fly and in the latest shit. I just hated that he didn't put that same type of money into our daughter Sasha.
I knocked on the door and some bitch came to the door. She was thick and had a fat ass she was not that pretty in the face but she had a nice body.
"Excuse me hoe?" I said pushing her aside and walking in the house. Leon was sitting on the couch watching tv.

"Who you calling a hoe?" The girl asked but ignored her.
Who is this bitch you got over here around my daughter?" Leon stood up amd looked at me pissed off.
"Chill out alright?"
"No you chill out cuz you doing dumb shit. If I say I don't want your hoes around my daughter I mean it."
"You not about to tell me what to do this is my daughter too and I'm a grown ass man you better go somewhere with that shit."
"She is your daughter but you don't do shit for her. You too busy spending that little bit of money you getting on them bitches."
"Lala just get Sasha and leave you really starting to piss me off."
"Nigga I don't give a fuck. Maybe if you step up and be a father I wouldn't have to be in your ass about this shit."
"Whatever bruh I am a father to her if I wasn't then why would she be with me right now."
"Nigga You had her for two days and that's because I had to work."
"Bitch You shaking your ass in front of some nasty old ass niggas , that's what you call work?"

"Nigga please I bring in more money that your dime bag ass do , So now what? Just go get my baby so I can go."
Leon stood up and walked to the back of the house and came back with sleeping Sasha.  I took my daughter out his hands then I made my way back home.

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