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How To Mend A Broken Heart by Dragon_Ryder
How To Mend A Broken Heartby Dragon_Ryder
[WARNING: Bad grammer, spelling errors, cringy writing, terrible stuff] Something tragic happens to a girl that makes her alone & she has to fight to survive with an int...
The Last Ones (Toothless X Reader) by PusheenWolfMom
The Last Ones (Toothless X Reader)by Oregano
She was feared by the scaleless. In reality, she was the one who was afraid of them. After she showed them what she was capable of... No one dared to fight a Night Fury...
We've Found You (ToothlessXFemaleNightFury) by TheSheShifter103
We've Found You ( TheSheShifter103
The people of Berk and many others believe that Toothless is the last Night Fury, but what happens when Hiccup and the gang find another Night Fury by chance? Read and f...
The Last of Their Kind by lazykats15
The Last of Their Kindby ᴺʸᵃʰ~
Everyone thought Toothless was the last night fury. Oh, but they thought wrong. Little did they know what was lurking on a small island deep in the dogs, that they hadn'...
Reader x Toothless (how to train your dragon) Toothless x Reader by Robin_Neko
Reader x Toothless (how to train Jay
Y/n is a night fury. Thought to be the last one of her kind. And then things changed. Y/n met Toothless. And hiccup. And the twins. Life changed into an adventure. In s...
You Just Gestured To All Of Us by krazygirlo900
You Just Gestured To All Of Usby krazygirlo900
"There were dragons when we were kids" Hicca Haddock is the daughter of Stoick the vast, chief of the Hooligan tribe and twin sister to Hiccup Haddock. Because...
Athena by -an0n0m0us-
Athenaby ?..
When a six year old girl is saved from a shipwreck by a dragon (Cloudjumper) and it's rider (Valka). But soon her world will turn upside down... "Valka, who's this...
Different (Hiccup x Reader) by spiritwing13
Different (Hiccup x Reader)by Spiritwing13
(This story takes place in the first movie, also Astrid is gender-bent into Arrow.) You were always the outcast of the village. You never talked to anyone other than Got...
I Found You.|| Hiccup x Reader. || Finished by iiBlurrypaige
I Found You.|| Hiccup x Reader. || fear will lose
Y/n was never exactly the normal one of her village , she was always keeping her head down , never wanting to kill a dragon , even after the peace of dragons and humans...
The Queen of Dragons ( Hiccup x OC) by Whitewolf021006
The Queen of Dragons ( Hiccup x OC)by Frankie
When Frankie is carried away from the island of Berk at the age of 10 , she is forced to leave her best friend. But what will happen when she is brought to the lair of t...
Songs of Fury (Slow updates) by JayTaesthetic
Songs of Fury (Slow updates)by AestheticallyAesthetic
Httyd reader insert.... dragon oc insert and in race to the edge... yeah. Most art is mine, cover is not, and I'll try to not alter the plot.
Life As A Nightfury (Toothless X Reader) by xXKarinaXxx
Life As A Nightfury (Toothless X xXKarinaXxx
(Y/N), her best friend (F/N) and the boyfriend from (F/N) Alex saw together „How to train your dragon 2". As they watched the movie something strange happened. They...
The Lost Riders | Heather X Original Female Character (Complete) by Rayllum1
The Lost Riders | Heather X Nelly Andrea Wennerberg
When Hiccup and the others are on a mission to free dragons from dragon hunters, they encounter something they never thought they would. A rider and its white Night Fury...
How To Save Your Trapper [An Eret Love Story] by Funnygirl_thatBelle
How To Save Your Trapper [An Kaila (Kale-a) Kaar/ KK
It's been five years since Hiccup changed the minds of Berk, and everyone is happier for it. It's a more peaceful way of life, and it opens the doors to new experiences...
 (Hiccup X reader) The One You Needed by anonforreal
(Hiccup X reader) The One You Anon
This book takes place after HTTYD2 LEMON WARNING ;) and major feels. Enjoyyy The characters from the movies have the same personalities btw (including Astrid) :) Summar...
Soaring Hearts by TheAlaskanWolfie
Soaring Heartsby That One Thing
Dragon!Reader x Toothless So I made this because I was thinking, "Hey wonder what would be Toothless and Hiccups reaction if when they walked into the Dragon Sanctu...
The Turquoise nightfury(Toothless X Oc) Rewrite by Irondragon4
The Turquoise nightfury( Dragon with a knife
Nightfury's are a very rare species of dragon. They are rarely ever seen by the human eye which is why dragon hunters are determined to get the head of a nightfury as a...
The Other Night Fury (Toothless x reader) by rossella_4_chan
The Other Night Fury (Toothless Donnie's nerd
Basically how the movie hidden world plays out but instead of the Light Fury, its you but as a Night Fury like Toothless, she also felt like the last of her kind. you fo...
Arrow to the Heart.  by keohnas
Arrow to the Heart. by Petra Carter
(A dragons: race to the edge fanficton. ) Arrow was taken from her home on Berserker island during a dragon raid. The Razorwhip had knocked out Dagur, her best friend, a...
King of Shadows HIATUS by Kitt_ty
King of Shadows HIATUSby kath_crystal
Run. Run. And the boy does, he ran as fast as he can away from the mob that was thirsty for blood. "KILL THE BRAT" , "we shouda left him below the mounta...