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Heading on his way to the hospital Semaj's heart is racing. The moment he's been dying for is the one thing he is scared for. Meeting his baby girl was his top priority. While driving he received a call from his lawyer.
"Bro wassup? What's the word?" Semaj asked.
"It's not good. They are booking you guys immediately. They are going to arrest you tonight. The judge already got the warrant out for your arrest."
"Damn. I'm driving to the hospital right now. Nalayshia is having the baby." Semaj banged the steering wheel.
"It's nothing I can do from this point. I was just informed a few minutes ago. I'll see if they'll wait until the baby is born to proceed the arrest. But it's their call."
"Alright make that happen." Semaj ended the call and continued to rush over to meet Nana.

Mean while back at the hospital Nana was in excruciating pain. Cameron remained on FaceTime while she went through the process. She wasn't the full ten centimeters. So because she was only five , the doctors had her waiting. She tried walking around and trying talk to Cameron and her mom while Semaj still wasn't there. It was starting to brother her but she tried to not show that to Cameron.
"Baby he's going to miss his own child being born. I'm feel like something isn't right." She cried. Her mom wipe her tears and tried to hold back hers too. It was emotional for everyone.

All of a sudden the room door cracked open. Mister appeared in the room. Nana was happy to see him here to support. But she was hoping it was Semaj.She completely forgot about everything. She had her father and mother here to bring their grand-daughter into this world. So far hours were going by and still no sign of Semaj. Nana was calling but it was going straight to voicemail. Nana was furious.

Semaj was stuck in traffic and was pissed. His phone was dead and his charger was at home. Not having no clue on what is going on with Nanaat the hospital. Semaj knew it was about to be his time. The cuffs were going on today. Not wanting the first thing for his baby girl to see is her father being taken away from her. That's the last thing any father would want for their own child.

Finally pulling into the hospital Semaj was greet by a load of officers and a detective with a piece of paper in hand. Semaj was fucked. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse.

"Look please officer I need to see my daughter. She is about to be born. My baby mother is in labor right now." He pleaded. The detective gave Semaj this long stare then allowed Semaj to be free to go see his daughter before the arrest. The officers followed him around. Semaj ran to the front desk to see what room Nana was in.
"I'm here for Nalaysia Smith." Semaj said.
"She's in room 305 , right down this hall." The lady at the front desk directed.

Semaj ran through the hall hurrying to to get to her room. When he finally came in Nana was laying in bed , seeming to be in a lot of pain. He walked over to grab her hand and she had tears in her eyes. The ups and downs came down to this very moment. Nothing else mattered at this point to either of the two but bringing their child in this world.

Nana took a look at the door and saw a group of officers waiting outside the door. She looked at Semaj who had been looking down at his feet. Nana saw Semaj sniffing and wiping his eyes. She knew that Semaj was trying to hold it together but he knew this was the first and last time he would see his daughter. At least as a free man.
"Nalaysia. The judge issued my arrest warrant. I got the call while driving over here. They are allowing me to stick by your side until the baby is born. Then I'll be read my rights and put in hand cuffs. I'm sorry that I brought you pain but I'll do my best from a far. I'm not leaving you hanging I'm just going away for while. I know you got everything I'm leaving you to hold things down while I'm gone. Remember what I told you? You strong."
"Yes." Nana replied, holding back tears.
"Then believe it and you'll see why I see. Let's bring our baby home and do what we do best. Shine."
"Let's shine." Nana then had doctors come in and check on her and the baby. They decided to induce the labor because things were seeming to be on delay. After of hours of delivery. Nalaysia and Semaj has a beautiful baby girl.

Princess Nevaeh Wright was born. She had a head full of hair just like her mommy. She was eight pounds and six ounces. She was a big healthy baby. She was curled up in her daddy's arm and you could tell she was already a Daddy's Girl. Nana was proud. But of course it hurt to know he would be going away.

"Daddy loves you Princess. Mommy will protect you and daddy will be right here. I'll see you soon. But right now your family will keep you safe. Your brother Prince will love you just as much and more. Remember daddy loves you so much. Okay?" Semaj kissed and rocked Princess then finally gave her to Nana. Nana began to cry again. She always hated to see him leave.
"Stop crying I'll make sure to keep in touch you do the same. You got this Baby girl." Semaj places a kiss on Nana's forehead then gave her a hug. He held her for a few minutes then he walked out into hallway to get his arrest over with.
"Semaj Wright you are under arrest for the murder of Renae Moore. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You the right to attorney. If you can not afford one, then one can me appointed to you. Do you understand the rights that's just been read to you?"
"Yes?" Semaj replies. Officers walked Semaj with the cuffs on him to the exit. Nana broke down while they walked him out the hospital. Nana was without the one who meant the world to her. She was devastated. She looked at Princess and couldn't help but fall in love with her. She was the piece that brought them closer and Nana couldn't of been more happy for her miracle baby.

Nana's life was dramatically changing. She had come front row to all the drama that love could bring. She got a chance to see how grimmey and ruthless the streets could be. Friends gained and some lost. Love was her main goal. Love from her lover and love from her family. She was a grown woman destined for great things. The journey was going to be rough and it would be a whole new life than she could ever expect but she was more than ready. She knew things were far from over.

"Baby girl Daddy will protect you. I love you and the world without you wouldn't be much to me. Promise you'll let me be here on your side to protect you." Mister said to Nana as he held her hand and looked her in her brown eyes.
"Daddy I love you too. And I want you to protect me and I don't know what I would do without you. It's going to be a ride and I need to know you'll have the key and you'll be down tow ride.
"I promise baby girl."
"Now our first mission we need to accomplish is taking Trina down. She must pay for what she did to my family and I'll be damn if I let that trash break what I worked so hard for. I put blood sweat and tears in this shit."
"Okay I'm down but what do you plan on doing?"
"Since she wants my life so bad. I'm going after Blood. Sweat. And Tears. Until I get what I deserve I won't hold up so if it turns into a war. Then trust she ain't making it out alive"
"Let's line that up but for now it's Princess time. Enjoy your miracle, Trina will be touched and put where she deserves."

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