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I'm so happy and I'm living my best life I have that nothing could break this feeling. I haven't felt this happy in a while. All thanks to Cameron. We had been getting more involved in each other's life.
"Hey my Queen." Cameron kissed my forehead he pour himself some coffee.
"Hey my King." I smiled.
"What you got going on today , beautiful?"
"I will be doing some inventory at the store so I'll be super busy today. Then I have some paper work. I'm also having lunch with Semaj's mom."
"Wait what? How did that come up?"
"Well Danny told me she has been asking about and the baby and she wanted to see me."
"So you settled for lunch?"
"Yeah my problem isn't with her it's with her son. She is still the grandmother of my child. I can't just keep her out my child's life.  Just going to see what she wants to talk about."
"Just be careful. And don't stress yourself out over anything that comes from the meeting y'all having. I can't put my baby life at risk." Cam kissed my belly and kissed my lips then grabbed his keys and left out the door.  I just smiled.

I went to get ready to start my day. I wore a bright yellow strapless sundress with my black Nike slides. After getting dress I left to go meet Danny at the store.
"Hey Baby Mama." Danny kisses and hug me.
"Hey babes." I sat my purse behind the counter and sat down to talk with Danny.
"So I've been planning your gender reveal party and I can't wait."
"Well I'm happy , did you figure how you wanted us to reveal the gender?"
"Yeah it's with balloons with the blue or pink confetti inside."
"I can't wait."
"So how is Cam and you doing?"
"Good. We are taking Amelia to the zoo tomorrow."
"That's good. I see you two looking like a nice big family."
"Shut up let's get this inventory done."

After inventory was done I took a break to rest in my office. I got a call from Tori.
"Hey." I greeted.
"Hey Nana I'm here waiting are we still on for lunch?"
I looks at the time and I realize I lost track of time and was running late for our lunch.
"Oh my god I was so wrapped up in work but I'll be there in ten minutes."
"Okay see you when you get here."
I hurried to gather my things and left out. I was so busy with work it slipped my mind that I had lunch with Tori. When I pulled up to the lunch I was surprised to see that Tori brought Semaj to lunch.
"What is he doing here? This was a lunch for us,  not him? He  sure wasn't invited by me . So why did you bring him?" I asked. I gave Semaj that look that he knew meant "Don't day Shit to me." type face.
"Nana I want my son to be a father to his child and I know you want your child to have his/her father. I didn't raise my son to be no dead beat dad so I brought him along for the lunch for us to  have this conversation too."
"Well you could of told me that you were going to do that I would of thought more about my choice to come."
"Nana you can be mad at me all your life for all I care but this is my child too. So let's stop this bitching and do what we got to do for our child and leave it like that." Semaj finally spoke after finally getting  tired of me throwing shots at him.
"Semaj you was just not claiming my baby now you want to be a father. You can play stupid with your mother but not me. Why you really here?"
"Nana it's you that thinks I still want you and I to be together, you're wrong I'm happy with Trina."
"Oh so you say."
"Look Nana lets just all sit here and have an adult conversation."
"Fine." I took a seat and began to listen.

"So , Nana how's the baby I see your showing love? Tori asked.
"The baby is healthy and doing fine. Just taking it one day at a time."
"That's good."
"I'm having a gender reveal party that my boyfriends mom and my mom started planning already. You are invited and so is Semaj but not Trina."
"Pause. So you want your boyfriend so involved and Trina left out that ain't fair." Semaj protested.
"Trina is not good soon you'll see that but I ain't about to have that psycho around my child. Period."
"That's bullshit. You can't seem to be an adult about anything."
"Semaj you can't see past the bushit but everyone else does. Trina playing you and I'll be damn if she is around my child."
"What about your boyfriend you met him
When? You recently just got with him. He about to be around my child and you barely know him. That shit ain't happening for sure."
"Semaj go fuck yourself. You one minute want me back , then you want Trina. One minute you want me to do what makes me happy then you see me happy and get jealous. You had your chance and you messed up. Just handle your responsibilities as a fathers."
"Whatever , Ma I have to go meet Maniac and I can't be late so I'll call you later. I'm done talking to this girl."

Watching Semaj walk way and hearing him say " This Girl." made me feel this type of pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I was broken to the core. After all that I put up with from Semaj I became more of an emotional reck. I loved Semaj still even though Cameron gave me all I needed. It was something about Semaj that made me still want him. Hearing him disrespect me the way he has been doing has broken me to the core. I was feeling the pain of a broken heart.

After lunch with Tori I went back to the store. Once we close I hurried home to shower and get in bed. I could only think about Semaj.
"Hey Baby you okay?" Cameron asked kissed my forehead.
"Yeah just tired."
"You sure ? We can always talk about it."
"Yeah I'm sure I'm just tired."
"Okay well get some rest talk to you in the morning."
"Okay good night."

The next day I worked with Danny at the store and kept my mind clear. I came home and Cameron was playing with Amelia.

"Hey Nana." Cameron kissed me deeply. Amelia just got up and hugged me.
"Hey y'all what y'all doing?"
"We was just chilling, how was your day?"
"Good. Just busy. I got two new employees stating tomorrow."
"That's good. How did the lunch with Tori go?"
"It was okay. Semaj was there."
"I knew something was wrong but I knew you didn't want to say. Now I know the problem it's that nigga."
"Baby it's just he is making it hard for me to be happy."
"Stop letting everyone effect your happiness. You got a man they wakes up with a new way to make you smile every morning. We got a family in the making let's focus on that. Fuck whoever can't except us or make you happy and support you."
"I know baby. That's why I love you Daddy." I kissed him and he held me in his arms. Cameron's touch made me feel so secured that I never would like when he lets go.
"Daddy loves you too."
I was going up for a world of bullshit but most of all I was happy and finally loving how good life was for me. Semaj was a huge stressor in my life but I was glad to have a man like Cameron in my life.

The next few days I spent handling business with the store. When I came home in the middle of the day cause I was feeling well. I saw my mother sitting in my living room talking with my dad.
"Hey Nana, I was just telling your father about the gender reveal party."
"Why is he here?" I asked putting my bag down and taking off my shoes.
I still was mad at my dad was working with Semaj. I couldn't believe he would make another careless move to break his family apart again. It didn't sit right with me at all.
"Nana I know you're mad at me, but I love you baby girl. I needed a job. I needed a way to support myself and your mother. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. I just can't stand you being mad at me." My dad stood up poured out his feelings. I was still mad. I wasn't too worried about his FEELINGS.
"Dad I can't stand you bring around me or in my house after I made it very clear I didn't want to talk to you or be around you ever again." I walked upstairs to my room and left him standing there.

Soon after my mother came up to my room.
"Nana I know you're mad but he is still your father. I don't know what's going on but I need you to tell me now."
"My father is the one that broke our family. We went through hell and now that he's back he said he wanted to make things right. But then there he goes going behind my back and getting a job from Semaj to risk our family once again."
"Nana he is only trying."
"Yeah trying to bring us apart once again. I'm good I don't want to have a bond with him I rather him to just stay away from me. You can take him back and love him but I'm good."
"Nana I told him you would react like this he made it very clear he was only going to do it until something better came in. Your father only knows the streets so what do you expect for him to do?"
"I'm don't know but keep him away from me." I walked in the bathroom and closed the door. I turned the shower on and got ready for bed.

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