F o r t y - S e v e n

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Presenting you the POV you've all have been waiting for....

 (P.s This is when Avery had just signed the document)

Kyle's POV:

"Congratulations!" Uncle Giovanni said as he hugged Tate. 

Tate greedily smiled, hugging the documents Avery had signed, closer and the resisted the urge to knock out his already brownish yellow teeth.

Relax, Kyle! Isn't this what you wanted? 

No, it's the half of what I wanted. Because the other thing that I want, and probably.... need right now, is sitting on the other side of room with tears streaming down her face.

I did love her. I loved her more than I could ever imagine loving anyone in my life.

When I met her on her first day in college, I had recognized right away who she was. How could I not when I had seen those exact blue eyes in my nightmares every night, killing my brother over and over again. Before I had realized, I had acted like a complete asshole towards her, telling her to apologize for bumping into me. I hadn't really been angry for her bumping into me. It was more like all the anger and hate for her father had been directed towards her.

All my childhood, I had planned how I was going to make Lockwood pay for my what he did to my brother. But as I was growing up, Lockwood had used that time in building an impenetrable empire. An empire strong enough to rival the Finlay's. Maybe some part of him had knew that I would be coming for him. An empire so strong and powerful that it was hard enough to find a weak point. 

But then on that day, when I met her,  I finally found a weak point. A soft spot that could strike him right where I wanted.


I hadn't really thought about what to do with her until James offered me the bet that afternoon.

One thing I knew for sure was that Lockwood loved Avery. Very much so. So why not actually effect him mentally and emotionally. Break his heart into a million pieces by breaking his daughter. Take Lockwood down by using his own daughter.

It had seemed like the perfect idea then. And the bet fitted right into my plans. I could get close to her without getting my friends suspicious on how I was suddenly getting close to a girl. Plus making the bet, meaning they will help me. Buying the house right next to ours so that we could be neighbors. Addison becoming her roommate.  Telling Matt to get his mom to make me and Avery class partners. 

Everything was going absolutely perfect until I started to get to know her. Her laugh, her eyes, that sass, the way she would argue with me over anything, her smile... God Damn! that smile...Basically everything about her was beautiful, inside and out.

I was falling for her.

And I was scared of that. Because loving her meant being in love with a girl who's father had killed my brother. And the fact that she had been one of the reasons for the murder just made everything worse, even though she had no idea about it when it happened.

So I started to push her away. All those times that I tried to push her away from me, were not because of some stupid fucking bet but were because if I had fallen for her, that would've been the end of me. 

But little did I know that I had fallen in love with her right from the start. Not the time when we had met in college but the first time I had met her when I had been nine. Before I even knew what love actually was. One smile from her and I was a goner from the start. I had pretty much been in love with her my whole life.

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