T w e n t y - N i n e

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Avery Lockwood's POV:

I was in the waiting area with hundreds of other girls, waiting for them to call my name for the interview.

After that whole thing happened and I moved in with my Dad, I took online courses to complete college. I had sent out resumes and application to other companies when I completed my online college courses. 

A girl with platinum blonde hair and green eyes stood up, whose name I think was Laura, said with a smirk  making eye contact with every girl including me, "You all can go home because I'm pretty sure he's going to choose me. After all no one can deny me, even a billionaire like him. It wont take him even a week to fall for me." I tried to bottle in my laugh. Tried. Her eyes snapped to mine as she sent a glare my way.

"Avery Lockwood." My name was called out by the receptionist before Laura could say anything to me. " You can go in, please." The receptionist said with a polite smile. Smiling back at her, I made my way inside the room. 

A woman in her late thirties came up to me, "Hello, I'm Mrs. Stevenson. But you can call me Amber." She said as I shook her hand and she told me to take a seat.

Seeing my CV and resumé, she asked me a couple of questions for the interview.  

She, looking impressed with my qualification and answers, said "Avery, to be honest, I like you. You seem like a very hardworking and honest girl. I think our company would love to have you here." She said and I smiled. Looks like I just got accepted. A smile made it's way towards my face thinking of how proud Dad would be of me.

"Let me get you the contract and I can tell you the details of your job." She said as she opened a drawer and took out an envelope. "You will have another girl working with you. Both of you will be working as assistants for the CEO. He doesn't like lazy employees or people who fail miserably at their jobs. He believes everyone's work should be perfect. I expect that you understand that as well." While signing the contract, I looked up and smiled. 

I didn't really  go reading much in detail with the contract because I was excited and wanted to get home as soon as possible to tell it to my Dad. 

"I understand. I really do respect people with strong ideals." I said while shaking her hand.

She smiled and said, "Oh Boy, Mr Finlay's going to love you...." She said as her eyes suddenly widened. "Uhh... See you tomorrow." She said waving me goodbye.

I stopped in my tracks when I realised what she had said.

Mr. Finlay?

Oh my God!

What the hell, Avery? Stop panicking. They're are a lot of Finlay's in this world. Mr Finlay could be a fifty year old man. And you're not even in the same city that Kyle lives in. 

Plus no one is that unlucky to become the assistant of the guy  she gave her virginity to.

You're right. I should stop stressing over things that are probably never going to happen.

Of course I'm right. I'm your brain, Stupid.

I smiled, relieved. Getting in my car, the first person I called was my Dad.


Kyle Finlay's POV:

"Yes sir. It's done. Thirty-one percent shares of Lockwood Inc now belongs to you." He said over the phone and I smirked.

"And you acquired all these shares secretly. James Lockwood has no idea about this, right?" I asked my agent, talking on my phone while I was walking on the streets of New York. 

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