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Bruh I dont know if you're ready for this chapter. I dont think I'm ready for this chapter.


1) Please go and skim through the last five chapter since there will be some hints in there. And if you're too lazy like me please send me a message or comment down below so that I can explain it to you.

2) On the last bit of Chapter Forty-Two, there is an Italian conversation between Kyle and Giovanni.As I told you guys, that conversation wasn't meant to be understood then that's why I had written it in Italian. I will be posting its translation on this paragraph's comment.  

That's it. Please enjoy.


A fifteen year old, Brandon looked down at his eight year old little brother. "But brother, Why cant I go with you too?" The little brother asked. They were standing in the seating area of a famous hotel's reception. 

 Big hazel eyes looked up at Brandon with a pout on his face and he couldn't resist the smile that made its way towards his face.

Brandon's  green eyes shined with amusement towards his little brother, Kyle. Kyle had his mother, Blaire Demarco Finlay's big hazel eyes while Brandon had inherited his green eyes from his father, Kaden Finlay. Brandon was as good as they came. A high achiever in his class. An actual legacy for his peers. The pride of  the Finlays and the Demarcos.  Brandon Finlay was getting trained to be the next capo of the Italian Syndicate on his eighteenth birthday. He was mentored by his mother's brother, Giovanni Demarco, who loved him dearly.

"Ky, I'll be back for you before you know it, Okay?"  He said pushing him gently down by his shoulders on a sofa. Brandon knew that he couldn't take Kyle with him. It was far too dangerous for a eight year old child.

"You promise?" His little brother asked innocently, holding his pinky finger up.

"I promise." Brandon replied, smiling down at him as he joined both of their pinky fingers together. 

Kyle watched as his brother walked outside and he slid into a waiting limo. The windows were painted black so he couldn't see what was inside. As Brandon was getting into the car, his green eyes met Kyle's as he lightly mumbled, "I love you" at his little brother. Kyle got up from his seat and grinned, mumbling , "I love you too." Both of the brothers smiled at each other as Brandon slid into the car and they drove away.

Two hours later, even in Kyle's eight year old mind, he knew something was wrong. He tried to distract himself as he looked outside the window but his chin started wobbling as he thought about his brother leaving him as some tears trailed down his cheek and a sob left his lips.

Meanwhile, a woman came inside the same hotel holding her seven-year old daughter's hand. She sat her on a sofa near the reception  and said, "Baby, Can you wait here for a minute? Mommy has to go find someone." The woman asked her daughter. The daughter nodded, her attention on her green toy truck that some sizes bigger for her but she still loved to play with it.

The woman kissed her daughter's forehead and her daughter looked up and smiled at her. As the woman left, the little girl started playing with her green truck again.

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