T h i r t y - O n e

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Avery's POV:

"Mr Finlay?" I knocked on Kyle's office door with the fresh juice in my other hand.

I gently opened the door to see him sitting behind his big and imposing mahogany desk, busy reading some paperwork.

Slowly walking towards him, I settled the cup on his desk. "Mr Finlay, Your drink-"

"I don't want it anymore. You can throw it away!" He said harshly without even looking up at me.

I jumped from his tone. "But.. But you were the one who ordered it. I even waited in the line for it-" I was cut off again as Kyle stood up from his chair. His eyes blazing with fire.

"Do I look like I give a shit about your problems, Ms Lockwood?" He said as he glared at me.

Ms Lockwood?

A weird pain erupted inside my chest which was vaguely familiar of how I felt when I had found about the bet that day.

I stood there, unmoved by his glare. "I don't care. You have to drink it no-" I was cut off as he grabbed the drink from my hand and paced towards the side of his room where a bunch of plants were kept.

He looked back at me, smirking and he poured the whole juice down the plant. Cocking a brow at me in challenge, he walked back towards me with a cold smirk on his face.

Leaning back on his chair, he folded his arms above his head as if he owned the place.

Well he technically did. Anyways.

"You should know by now that I've never listened to anyone. And neither am I planning to change that." He smirked as if he just won.

"Oh, and Get me my coffee in the meeting room." He said as I was going out of his office.

I angrily stomped my way to the staff's kitchen. 

Ugh, that bastard!

But spotting an item on one of it's shelves, a wicked smile made it's way towards my face.

So you want a coffee, Kyle Finlay? Oh ok I'll make you the damn best coffee in the entire world.

Taking out a jar that said 'Powdered Black beans', I mixed it with water to make it resemble coffee.

Maybe he'd like a bit of a taste.

Taking out a bottle of salt , I tried to measure it with a spoon. But accidently half of the bottle of salt poured all at once into the cup of 'coffee'.

Well it's not like that I'll be the one drinking it.

I shrugged and put every brown or black coloured ingredient that I could find from the shelves in to the coffee. Adding some milk to make it seem like a real coffee, I smiled like a psychopath as my masterpiece was now ready.

I carefully carried it down the hallway and towards the meeting room. The room was actually quite big and spacious. It had clear glass windows and I could see that everything that was happening inside.

Kyle was sitting at the head of table listening carefully to the idiot giving the presentation. Laura was sitting beside him. Or you could say that she was sticking on to him. Because there was absolutely no space between them.  Everyone was looking towards the screen but as I entered every eye in the room fell on me.

Come one, don't get nervous from the attention. You've got to carry out your mission first.

Kyle's eyes fell on me and he smirked as he saw me carrying his so called coffee towards him.

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