E i g h t

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Sorry for leaving you guys at that cliffhanger. So now here's the new chapter.

Avery's POV:

"What the hell is going on in here?" We all looked back just to see a woman dressed in a blue suit with a furious expression on her face, standing in front of the classroom door. Kyle's back tensed and I could say the same thing about the rest of the guys especially Matthew who has a horrified expression on his face.

The sound of the woman's voice also startles our sleeping history professor, Mr Steward and he jumps on his feet seeing the woman in front of him. "I-I was" He stops and looks around just to see all of us standing in the middle of classroom.

Tony is sitting on the floor with the left side of his mouth bleeding with the guys surrounding him. Both of tony's guys are nowhere to be found in sight. Looks like they ran away when they saw Kyle punching him.

As our history professor notices us, he starts saying something but is cut of by the woman," Mr Steward, I'll handle it from here. Kyle, Matthew, Jace, James, Kessa and You." She points towards me and I realize that I'm standing really close to kyle so she must have thought I was with them. "Meet me in my office in ten minutes"

"But Mrs Martin, it isn't what it looks like-" Jace starts but is cut of by her.

"Don't lie to me. I can see the guy with blood dripping down his face. And seeing as everyone of your face's are clear without any scratch, I can already take a guess that it must be one of you who started the fight. Now go to my office right now." We all start walking quietly towards the door.

She takes a deep breathe and looks towards Tony," And you, go and wash your face. I hope I never you in a fight again because that'll be one of your last days on this campus."

"Who is she?" I ask Kyle when we're at least ten feet away from the door. I just found out that there was someone more scarier then my step-mother. Which is a big thing.

"The Head of our Department." Kyle replys.


"And Matt's mom." He continues.

"So if she's really Matt's mom, Surely she would let us go. After all it's her son." I said trying to re-assure myself.

Kyle didnt say anything but gave a sarcastic smile in return that said 'Oh you wish'

We arrived at her office the next minute. The only thing that I can say to describe the office is that it was very neat and clean. I could'nt even look at anything else when Mrs. Martin arrived after us.

"Now since you all are here. We'll start. I can already take a guess who was the one that punched the other student." She said directing her gaze towards James.

James looked around to see if she was looking at someone else but then he realised,"What? Why does everybody think that I'm the one who creates trouble every time? It wasn't me." James said putting his hands up in surrender.

Mrs Martin raised her eyebrows and asked, "Well then who was it?"

As to answer her question all of us pointed their hands towards each other. Kyle's hand was pointed towards James, James's hand was pointed towards Jace, Jace's hand was pointed towards Kessa, Kessa's hand was pointed towards Matt, Matt's hand was pointed towards me.......ME? Oh dear, Sweet little me? And my hand was pointed towards Kyle.

See, I always tell the truth.

And now Mrs Martin looked even more confused than ever. We looked back at each other's hand and looked at the professor with dumb founded expressions like we all were innocent kids playing in the park doing nothing at all.

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