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Kyle's POV

The girl picks up her scattered books and and rushes away before I could even get back at her with an answer. Stupid Girl.

"Oooooohh...No she didn't!!" Matthew, my bestfriend, who was walking behind me says.

"Did I just see a girl insulting our Finlay boy here? Oh man, she's got guts. No one ever even thinks about talking back to him" Jace, my other best friend, said.

God, remind me again why I'm even friends with these two?

"No I say she's pretty stupid. She didn't know who she was talking to. Any smart person would have kept their mouth shut" I replied. "Now come on. I don't want to be late for class"

And No, I'm not eager to get to class. Like who the hell wants to go to place where all they give you are boring lectures?

Its just that the Dean, who is a friend of my father's, just called me into his office and told me if I didnt 'keep up with my schedule', he would have to call my father.

I'm not scared of my dad. But what I'm scared of is him not giving me my inheritance. Thats why I have to be a good boy and attend all of my classes.

"Good boy. Yeah right! Fuck being a good boy.Lets get out of here. I'll deal with the dean on my own."


Our group was sitting at this restaurant, ordering lunch when the talk of that girl came up again.

"And I tell you that girl was like fire, She wasn't even intimated by him. The girl stood her ground in front of him and didnt even apologise to kyle" Jace told the whole story to our other friends, Kessa and James, who were listening quite interestingly with amused smiles on their faces.

To you, it won't be a big deal that a girl talked back to me but to us it was.
Simply, because in my whole life no-one even raised their voices at me, not even my parents. After all, I was their only child. No soul could even touch me.

And this all continued till college, my classmates steered clear of me.

To them I was like royalty who they couldn't even talk to , let alone insult him.

"If this girl really did that, then how about we test some of her limits? " said James

"Oh come on, The girl didn't know what she was talking to." Kessa said, looking at me up and down and emphasizing on 'what'. " I think she was just trying to stand up for herself" She reasoned

Ignoring her I said "James, so what do suggest we do? After all she must get what she deserves."

"Well, how you guys described her as, I think she doesn't really get close with boys? And seeing you,who could make any girl fall in love with him in just a few days? How about we play a game?" That last sentence sparked my attention.

"A game?" By this time I was interested to hear what he had to say.

"A bet, to be exact. How about we make a bet if Kyle could make this girl fall for him in a week , he could get whatever he wants from me" James said getting a total no no from Kessa and Matthew.


While Jace looked like he was thinking something.

I smirked "Hm, how about a month? She doesn't seem like a girl who could trust someone in a week. And I want your club."

By this James faced paled, I clarrified "The club that my dad wants but your father is not willing to give him even for loads of cash"

"A month can happen but what will I get instead of the club" James said

"I can pay what my father's last offer was" By this, James face sparkled with delight.

Its true, Money can buy anything.

"Kyle, I dont think this is a good idea. You'll be playing with the girl's feelings." Kessa said

"Yeah, I agree with kessa. You don't know what you're doing?" Matt said

"Oh come on, don't be such a scaredy cat. The bitch will get what she deserves, as kyle so lightly put it" James replied

"Its a deal then" I smirked

"And what if you fall for her?" This time Jace speaked up who was quite all this time.

"Yeah right" I snickered. "Jace, have you been reading too many romance novels? And to answer your question, It won't happen. I haven't loved any girl in my whole life. And it isn't going to be starting now so cheer up, dude" I replied and strolled away to get on with my new mission. Firstly, I have to make her trust me.


So I hoped you guys liked this chapter. Its starting. YESS

And also I'm not sure if you guys noticed but kyle calls Matthew , Matt sometimes. And Jace and james are two different people.Just wanted to get that out of the way, so you guys won't be confused. I'll be updating tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


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