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Avery's POV

I came back to my dorm room with the books I borrowed from the library in my hands. Putting them down as carefully I can on my desk, I pull out my planner and start planning how I want to design my room. Well, at least half of it.

I still haven't met my roommate. Hope I do meet her soon, because then at least I'll be acquainted with one person in this college who isn't a total jerk.

I decide that I have got time to kill since my classes start tomorrow so I'll try that café near our campus.

The walk to that café lasts about ten minutes. I see a small-café with a sign board saying 'Diner-In Open 24-Hours'.

On time, my stomach growls. It was 3:21 is the afternoon. I realised that I hadn't eaten all day with the whole moving in the dorm thing.

I walk into the diner and take up their small booth in the corner. Looks like I'm eating alone again. Its not a big deal since I've been alone all my life. I didn't have that many friends in school. My father wasn't that rich but he tried so hard to be. I'm pretty sure he'd even kiss their butt if someone with power and position told him to.

So obviously, I had to go to a posh school where rich kids flaunted their money or what would society say about my father. I never fitted in to any group at that school. The rich people bullied the poor ones who were there because of scholarships. No-one was someone's actual friend. Nobody cared about any one. It was just about money and your family's position.

For some years, I tried to fit in. I tried to be one of the cool kids that I never was.

Then after some of my 'friends' got to know that my father wasn't that rich as he said he was. They left me and broke our friendship.

After that I refused to make any kind of friendship with any person. I was left alone.

I'm taken out of my past by some whispers.

"Is that her?" I look up to see a blonde whispering that in one of her friends ear.
There were three girls sitting on the table to my far right. A blonde and a girl with short-black hair were whispering into each other's ears. And in front of those two was sitting a brunette with brown eyes. She had her earphones in her ears and was looking around while those two were talking.

"Yes. She's that girl I was talking about earlier." This time it was the short-black haired girl who was talking. Her face was inclined towards me as if she was talking about me.

"I can't believe she talked to him like that. Surely, Kyle won't let her off that easily."

They're surely talking about me now.

"I know. You know they say never to mess with a Finlay. It'll come back to bite you."

Finlay. I've heard that name before. Well who hasn't. It's basically all the media ever talks about.

But why are they talking about me and Finlay. Was the jerk I met earlier a Finlay?

As if to answer the question swimming in my head, the blonde whispers to her friend.

"You're forgetting something about Kyle. He isn't just a Finlay. His mother was the heir to the Demarco empire. He's a Finlay and a Demarco. He won't just bite someone who messes with him, he'll burn them until you can't even see it's ashes anymore."

"Okay guys. Can you guys stop gossiping about Kyle and the girl? If I was in her place, I would have done the same thing." This time it's the brunette who speaks up. Even though, she has kind-of spoke in favour of me, I need to get answers. Who is that guy? Why are they saying that about me?

I stand up from my seat and walk towards their table. By the shocked look on their faces, they were surely talking about me.

"Um I'm not sure if I heard it right, but were you guys talking about me?" I ask

"Yeah we were. So what?" The blonde speaks up.

"It's just that" I pause and look at them as sweetly and innocently as possible "Its None of your business." I reply

"I just wanted to make that clear. Bye Bye." I say and walk out of the diner.

Just as I'm about to close the door, the brunette rushes to me.

"Hey" I say

"Hey. I'm Addison. Nobody usually stands up to him because well he's Kyle Finlay. But what you did, I just think that was amazing. Don't mind them, they don't know what their talking about" the brunette said,

"Um well thank you." I say while blushing a little. She's so sweet.

"Oh well then bye"

"Bye" I wave back at her and close the door.

Looks like I just made a new friend.


It's 8:12 in the morning and I'm already running late. I had to report to the dean's office on 8:00am sharp to pick up my schedule for classes.
I know. That's kind of weird because in my old school we had to pick our schedule from the receptionists desk but I guess different school, different way.

When I reach the dean's office, his secretary was not over there. I guess I have to go by myself. Just as I'm about to go , I see familiar brown hair going into the dean's office. I follow him. The door is left slightly open. I could a little bit of what was going on in there.

"Didn't I tell you to not bunk your lectures anymore or I would call your father?" the person sitting on a chair behind the mahogany desk, who I'm guessing as the dean said.
The brown haired guy was sitting on the chair which was in front of the dean's desk. I couldn't see his expression because he had his back to me.
"You shouldn't be abusing your power like that. What would people say that I'm letting you get away with things just because you're my friend's son?" The Dean continued.

"Oh please. We both know you letting me get away with things has nothing to do with your friend but everything to do with my families name. My family has been supporting the school that you call yours for years. Including your- well how do I say it- um gambling habits?"

By this, the deans face went pale's in comparison. Then, Kyle puts his legs on the DEAN'S DESK and says " You know, I really didn't want to remind you of that. But what can I say? You should have thought of that before threatening the heir of the Finlay empire."

"Well then it wasn't so nice seeing you and I hope we never meet again. Bye." He said and made his way to the door. I turned away and made it look like I was doing something.

What the hell did I do? They were right. I'm the most stupidest person alive. A guy who could come and sit into the dean's office like he freaking owns it and then threaten him? What the hell did I get myself into?


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