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As I entered the hallway, I noticed that it was so dark you could'nt even see properly.

Must they shut all the lights off? Couldn't they be any more accommodating to the students that are here at night to steal things from them!

Kyle had a torch in his hand which was guiding us through the darkness. As the light flickered to a wall, I saw a shadow that looked like it was in human form. Without realising, I stepped a little closer to Kyle.

Why the hell does this look like horror movie? I held in a shudder at that thought.

"Wow, if I didn't know you any better, I'd say you're scared." He said with a teasing tone.

"I'm not scared." I replied automatically.

The torch flickered to some thing on the wall and this time it made an unmistakable shadow of a man. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop the scream coming out of mouth the next second.

It only stopped when I heard Kyle's laugh vibrating through the hallway.

God, this is so embarrassing.

"Oh, I thought you weren't scared!" Kyle said when he was done laughing his ass off on me.

I've been scared of darkness since I can remember. I used to wake up screaming and crying with tears streaming down my face when I was only about eight or nine years old. There had been no one to comfort me neither my mom nor my dad. My mom had left and my father was busy kissing other people's asses to do that. I always felt left alone and lonely. I was my own mom and dad throughout my childhood.

I'm woken up from reminiscing my past by a throat being cleared. We had already arrived Mrs. Martin's office.

"Alright, I'm going to start unlocking the door with these." He shows some pins in his hand.

"Wait, didn't Matt give you the key?"

"He did but where's the fun in that?" he replied in a casual tone that dripped with excitement.

"Are you kidding me? It would take a lot of time. What if someone comes?" I said staring incredulously at him.

"Then we'll simply pay them. And don't you trust in my abilities? I can unlock this door in no time."

Arrogant rich jerk.

"I can hear you." He said while still unlocking the door.

In about two minutes, he had the door unlocked. "Alright you start looking for that vault in the desk and I'll start from this cupboard." He said.

I opened the first drawer and it was filled with some necessary stationary items and some documents.

God, even her drawers are organised.

"Found it!" Kyle said and I hurried towards him.

"Alright, now you just have to type the password and then we'll be free." I said looking towards the small vault that was hidden in one of her cupboards.

"Yeah, Give me the list that Matt gave us of all the possible passwords that her mother had." He said.

"Wait a second, don't you have that list?" I asked

"What, I thought you had it." He replied

"No I don't. Don't tell me that we forgot it in the car."

Oh my God, this is not happening right now. What are we supposed to do then. We can't fail after coming this far

"Wait, I'll try what I think could be her password." He said and started pressing the buttons.

"What are you doing?"

"Typing Matt's birthday. No matter how much strict she is as a parent, she really does love him a lot." He replied

When he was finished typing the password, the vault opened with a click. And In a minute or so, Kyle had found the history paper.

"Damn, I told you she wouldn't be giving the questions from a curriculum. But well now I think even our president doesn't know the things written on this paper." He said while still reading the paper.

"Just Hurry up and take the picture already." I practically yelled at him

"Okay. Okay. No need to go all Rambo on me." He said dramatically while taking a picture of it on his phone.

Just as he shut the locker door, we heard a sound outside.

"Is someone there?" The sound was a man's and after a few seconds we saw a light of a torch coming our way.

"Quick! Hide!" Kyle whisper-yelled at me as the sound of the man's footsteps were coming closer.

"Where the hell are we supposed to hide? If you had just used the key-" I tried to whisper-yell at him but Kyle had been already putting his hand on my mouth and the other wrapping it around my waist and dragging me to the space between the desk.

I tried to slow my breathing down and stop panicking but I couldn't.

The sound of the man entering the room could be heard and his footsteps echoed on the marble tiles. The shadow of his torch could be seen on the wall in front of us.

His footsteps were coming near and I couldn't stop my fast breathing. Oh God, what if he finds us?

I could get in trouble. It was my first day of school. What if they expel me? Where would I go?

"Shh, Look at me." Kyle whispered in the lowest of voices that even I thought that I didn't hear him. I looked up to his eyes. Instead on being sharp and calculating, they looked warm and soft. "It's going to be okay. I'll make sure of it." He whispered in a calm tone.

"Promise?" I squeaked out.

"Promise." He smiled. This was probably the first time I ever saw him smile. And damn, it was beautiful.

As we were both staring at each other's eyes, we forgot about the man trying to find us. After a few minutes he gave up and left blaming that it must be wind make some sound.

As I got up, I realised that this whole time, I was basically sitting on Kyle's lap. Judging by his expression, I think he just realised this too and a little shade of pink covered his cheeks that could be seen by the light of the torch.

"Come on. Let's get out of here." He said and we got out of that office.

As we were walking by, we noticed that the hallway lights were now switched on. The door to the janitor's closet was also opened and it looked like there was someone inside it. We hid behind a wall from which we could see the janitor's closet.

That man must've been the janitor. We have to get out of here before he sees us but Kyle had other plans.

Kyle took off his black jacket and then next his white t-shirt. Just as I saw he was going to take of his shirt, I turned around to give him some privacy. "What are you doing?" I asked him with my back still to him.

"Giving him his worst nightmare." He replied and tied the white shirt to a mop that was outside the janitor's closet. It resembled something like a ghost with the whole white shirt fluttering against the wind. He throwed it inside and locked the door.

We ran out towards the car with Matt and Jace shouting ," Hurry up." Just as we got in the car, James started driving the car like a mad man and we were out of there in about a minute.


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