T w e n t y

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Avery's POV:

It all happened in just a few seconds.

The shot rang out and a second later a warm body covered mine and we both landed on the floor. Kyle's arm came around my shoulder to save my body from the landing on the hard floor.

A second later, the door burst open and the SWAT Team armed with guns and armor started taking down the armed culprits. A couple of them came towards the room that was filled with injured people and started to safely get them out of here.

His hazel eyes met my blue ones and his breath mingled with mine as he was basically lying on top of me. When he realized our position in a room full of people, he abruptly got up and offered me a hand. When I put my hand in his and he tried to pull me up, only then I realised that I was shot and bleeding.

Unbearable pain shot through my arm and I visibly flinched. Kyle's eyes went straight to my face when he saw my face scrunched up in pain. Then it followed down to my arm that I was holding by my other hand.

"Shit!" Kyle yelled as his arm came around my waist and he pulled me up to my feet.

He threaded his finger through mine and started leading me, making way towards the exit. Dozens of Ambulance and Police cars were parked in the parking lot. There was some News Vans and a mob of media were gathered around our entrance of our college which was being held by a couple of police men.

Harsh questions and loud shouts erupted between these people when they saw Kyle's face followed by me, our hands threaded with each other.

"Kyle, What do you think your father's reaction will be after he finds out about today?"

"Kyle, Is the Finlay empire going weak because they couldn't even stop any of their enemies attacks?"

"Kyle, What are you going to do? People died here because of you."

"Innocent students were murdered because the college administration were too busy protecting the Finlay's only heir."

The crowd parted for us but Kyle ignored them and pulled me towards a waiting ambulance. The medical attendants were busy talking to each other but when they saw Kyle they imediately panicked and tried to ask him if he was alright.

"Dont!-" He stopped them with a flick of his other hand that wasnt holding mine "She got shot. Check her!"

I was immediately hauled inside the paramedic van and they started to stop the bleeding.

"You should be lucky. The bullet didn't go in your arm. It just brushed your skin. We should just have to stitch it up." She said while inspecting the wound.

All the while, Kyle kept pacing back and forth right in front of us. His back was tensed and he kept looking back at me with his worried hazel eyes.

One of the attendants started piercing the needle in to me skin and I flinched. Kyle's eyes snapped back to mine and he looked angry and worried by seeing me in pain. When she started to push the needle in my arm, I hissed and a tear rolled down my cheek no matter how much I tried to keep it in.

His eyes followed the tear that was rolling down my cheek and his jaw clenched, "I'm going to fucking kill him." He growled and before I could say anything to stop him, he furiously strode ahead and disappeared from my sight.

I tried to get up and go after him but the nurse pushed me down and said that she was still stitching it up and it would take some time so I sat back down.

"Your boyfriend must really care for you. I didn't think from when I saw him on tv that Kyle Finlay could care about someone but I guess I was wrong. Even arrogant rich-snobs are human."

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