T h i r t y - S e v e n

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Warning: Mature Content

I'm so sorry for not updating sooner. I've been caught up with the mess that my life is.

Avery's POV:

It was around eleven o'clock in the night when I tucked Kaleb into his bed. Bree was already sleeping in her bed.

I really didn't know what to feel.

I choosed not to tell Kyle the truth about our child because I wanted to protect Kaleb but it all backfired when he took Kaleb out of his school with ease, showing us once again how much power he had over all of us.

A part of me felt angry at Kyle but an even bigger part of me called me selfish. Kyle and Kaleb were father and son. He had a right on him just as I did.

And I didnt have any right to split them apart. Can I blame him for taking his own son out for a day?

As I pulled the duffet over Kaleb's little body, he snuggled in with his white teddy bear that seems like it was his new favorite thing.

Kaleb hadnt let go of his teddy bear since he came home today. He took it everywhere with him. He even tried to take it to the washroom with him but thankfully we stopped him in time by warning him 'that it will get destroyed' and he immediately put it down.

I wondered that if he really did love the teddy bear or he loved the fact that his father had won it for him.

Kissing his forehead, I whispered 'good night' to him when I was sure he was asleep. Kissing Bree's forehead, I went outside and closed the door but stopped as I heard Kaleb murmur something.

"Thankyou for the best day ever. I love you, Daddy." He mumbled sleepily as he snuggled into his teddy bear comfortably. I looked towards his in shock for a few minutes.

Regaining my conciousness, I closed the door in monotone. My body slid down the floor as a tear trailed down my cheek.

What the hell had I done?

What kind of a person am I?

How can I keep a child away from his own father? Lie to both of them like that?

Could I be that much selfish to keep Kaleb away from Kyle when I knew that he loved him and wanted to be with his father?

No, I cant do this to Kaleb anymore. He needed his father. And its about time I let it happen.

Was I prepared of what will happen after Kyle finds out that he has a son and I lied to him? Obviously not.

Would he kill me after this? Maybe or maybe not. I didn't know. Kyle was unpredictable.

But what I did know that I was going to tell him the truth tonight. Fuck the consequences.

Putting a jacket on in a hurry, I unlocked my car. The engine boomed to life and I screeched out of my driveway. After dialing Kyle's number a couple of time, I called Mrs. Stevenson.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hello. Do you know where Kyle is right now?" I asked, my tone urgent.

"Uhm yes, He said that he would stay late at the office tonight. He still has some work lef-" Cutting the call, I drove faster while breaking the speed limit.

I didn't know what kind of drug I was high on. Maybe you can call it a mother's love. But whatever it was, I knew that I needed to get to Kyle before I regret every decision I've made tonight.

Hurriedly parking my car in front of the office building, I spotted that there were still two cars parked inside the parking lot. One was Kyle's black Mercedes and the other was a white sedan that I hadn't seen before.

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