T w e n t y - S e v e n

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Kyle's POV:

I woke up with a smile on my face. This was seriously the best night's sleep I've ever got.

But my smile completely wiped out of my face when I saw that the bed was empty and cold. Avery was nowhere in sight. Her clothing from last night were not there as before.

No.. No... This cant be happening right now...

I shot out of the bed, my heart drumming in my chest. Putting on a pair of pajamas, I checked the bathroom and the lounge of the suite to see that there was no one there.

So, she's gone...

She's really gone....

Coming back to the bedroom, my knees buckled and I didn't even knew that my legs slid down to the floor when a phone call broke me out of my reverie. I picked it up to see that it was my father's secretary calling me.


"Hello, Mr. Finlay. Your father is in the hospital. He suffered a major heart stroke last night. I even tried calling you. We're still trying to contact your mother. She doesn't know because she was in New York to surprise you for-" I didn't listen to what she had to say after she talked about my father as the phone slid down from my hand.

It feels as if life is shattering around me.

Putting a shirt on, I hurriedly dumped all of my clothes in a bag. I knocked on all the guys door and told them what happened. They hurriedly packed and got dressed.

It was around five a.m.

Pressing the button to the elevator, I anxiously tapped my foot. After two minutes of waiting, I realised that it was taking too long for the lift to come up so I took the stairs and everyone followed me.


Avery's POV:

My heart's beating extremely fast and my stomach is in knots. I stop running to rest my shortened breath. The only thing I feel right now is dread and panic.

Taking a deep breath, I sit on a nearby bench to contemplate what just happened.

I realise that I'm somewhere surrounded by some very high-business-like buildings. It's probably around four a.m. I didn't even know where I was going until I got out of there. 

"Oh dear, Are you alright?" An old woman with kind brown hazel eyes looks at me with concern.

"I...just......I..I don't know." I say as my voice cracks.

"Oh sweetie. Don't worry. Tell me everything that happened." She puts my hands in hers and listens to me with concentration.

An hour and lots of tissues later, I have told her everything. I don't know why but it was really easy to talk to

"Do you love him?" She says and my head whips towards her as my eyes widen.

"Love....... No.... Of course I don-tt love him." I say as I laugh it off. But she stares at me with serious eyes.

"You say that you don't love him. Then why did you just give yourself up to him?" 

"I-I.... It was just lust. Nothing more." I say while keeping my eyes down.

She smiles as she answers, "But why him if it was just lust? You could have been with anyone else in your whole life."

I stutter a bit then try to formulate an answer, "I... We.." I shut my eyes closed and decide to just say what I think, "I just wanted to be with him even if it was for one time. I couldn't trust myself more with him than a night. Because if we went into something more than that, we would end up just like my parents. God knows that we aren't meant to be together."

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