T h i r t y - N i n e

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Rain poured down heavily upon us as I held in another sob. Wearing a black dress to a graveyard at my three-year old son's funeral was not something I had ever pictured my life to be like.

The priest recited a few words as I saw my child being lowered to the ground. I could only stare far away at a distance, wishing that this day wasn't real.

But it was.

I had imagined him growing up. His graduation. With me clapping loudly in the back as any other proud mother  would. Him going to college and me calling him at least ten times a day. His first car. His first girlfriend. His marriage. Children. Everything. But he wont be able to do that now.

A lone tear escaped my eye and I immediately wiped it off.

My child was dead. His body completely burned down. I would be never be able to see him again. I wont be able todo anything like that with him again.

I didn't even know what I supposed to do now.

I didn't even remember my life before Kaleb.

God, it even hurt to say his name. Kaleb was my everyth-

Wait! Hold Up..... Did you actually think I was going to murder my cute little Kaleb? Hahaha Losers!

 Happy April Fools, Day!  lol 

Come on, accept it. I totally got you all with this one.

Now enough with this bullshit. Here's your actual chapter! Enjoy X


Avery's POV:

"Ma'am, Are you there?" The woman said from the other side of the line. I picked up my phone from the floor which had a cracked screen now.

"I'm sorry for the loss of your car. It has been completely wrecked. Your son had been gotten out before the car was caught up in a fire and was taken to the hospital. We need your presence at the hospital immediately." The woman continued.

"Where's the hospital? I'll come there right away." I said, my voice full of panic and worry. I felt like crying.

Taking the address of the hospital, I turned around hurriedly to find my car keys. But then Kyle and Rhett entered the doorway. Kyle's eyes went up to the dried up tears resting on my cheek and the panic in my eyes.

As he took in my state, his hazel eyes held a worried look in them as he rushed towards me. I didn't even realise that my hands were shaking until one of his hands grabbed them, holding it tightly. "Hey, what happened?" He asked in a gentle voice, his other hand caressing my cheek.

My throat dried up as I thought about our  child. It felt like I couldn't even form the words in my mouth. Rhett and Blaire came by my side and she hugged my side. "K..Kaleb.....accident.....they.. took him to the hospital..... I don't know..... I don't know what to do....Kyle." I croaked out, stuttering as tears streamed down my face, my hands shaking with anxiety.

Kyle's back tensed. He cupped my face between his hands and he said with a hardness in his voice. "Hospital? Avery, which hospital? We'll go there right now." More tears streamed down my face as I thought about Kyle and Kaleb.

Seeing the worriedness in Kyle's eyes made me question everything. He thought that Kaleb wasn't his son but he still loved him. Oh Lord, what have I done?   

I was barely able to tell him the hospital's name through my stuttering and crying. His hand wrapped around mine as he took us to his car. Rhett and Blaire sat inside the car and we were inside the hospital in ten minutes.

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