T w e n t y - E i g h t

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I didnt think I told you guys this but when Avery and Kyle met, Avery was 19 years old and Kyle was 20.

Now, here's the new chapter.


Avery's POV:

"Avery, Wake up! Dad's calling you down for breakfast!" I opened my eyes to see my nine-year old sister, Bree, trying to wake me up

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"Avery, Wake up! Dad's calling you down for breakfast!" I opened my eyes to see my nine-year old sister, Bree, trying to wake me up.

"Ten minutes more! Please, bree!" I say in a sleepy voice and rested my head back on to the love of my life, my bed.

"No get up right now, Ave! Or I'll be late for school and you'll be late for that interview you have today." Bree said in an final tone leaving no room for arguments.

"Ugh...Sometimes I forget that who's the older sister over here." I said, pouting while getting up from the bed and seeing her with her hands on her hips.

"Yeah... Yeah." Rolling her eyes, she pushed me towards the bathroom with her small body. "Now be down for breakfast in ten minutes." She said.

"Okay Mom!" I roll my eyes sarcastically, secretly smiling as I made my way towards the bathroom.

Taking a shower and putting on some clothes on that made me look presentable, I came down the big mahagonay stairs into the living room.

"Mommy!" Kaleb shouted, jumping from his chair and coming towards me. His blue eyes twinkling as he reached towards me. His little hands reached for me and then I took him in my arms as he settled on my hip while he cutely mumbled 'Good morning' and rested his head on my shoulder.

"Good morning to you too. Have you had breakfast with Grandpa already?"  I asked Kaleb just as Dad entered the room. Kaleb's eyes widened as he started looking here and there like a deer caught in headlights.

"God, as much as I love him, he can be so stubborn sometimes. He didnt even touch his food until he got what he wanted from me." Dad said, chuckling.

I tried to glare at him but then he innocently rested his head on my shoulder and sweetly smiled at me.

He's such a blackmailer.

"Now, look at me. Mommy has to go for an interview. So will you be a good boy today?" I asked looking down at him.

"Okay Mommy." He smiled and nodded and I smiled back at him. Kissing his forehead, I told him to go with the helper and change his clothes.

"You know, you dont have to go for any interview. Why dont you just come to the company and start working as the CEO because we both know that it's going to be yours one day." Dad said. His blonde hair now had some specks of white in them and his blue eyes, the same as mine, seemed tired.

"Dad, we talked about this. I want to start from the bottom. I dont want someone to say that I got that position because I'm Avery Lockwood. I want to have this position because I earned it."

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