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Avery's POV:

The next morning, I woke up and dressed in a hurry only to find out that Addison's car was not working.

Last night, we had come up with a system that whoever of us didn't have class would be babysitting Bree when I was not here.

"Hey. You alright?" Jace appeared from the other side of the fence. Looking at me and then the car, He said "You know I could offer you a car ride, if you want? We both have the same class."

"Thanks. That'll be great!" I smiled to him while we got in his car. When we were half way there, I received a message saying that the class is cancelled since our Professor was out of town. I almost yelled 'yay' in excitement.

"Well in that case, we can join everyone for breakfast too." Jace said happily as he made a U-turn. I'm pretty sure 'everyone' included Kyle too. I hadn't talked to him and mostly ignored him after what happened between us in the bedroom.

We both got out of the car as we made our way to the cafe where everyone was sitting at.

Kessa and James were sitting at the other side at the table while Matt, Kyle and Brittany- ugh what is she even doing here again- were sitting on the other side.

Brittany-Bitch had her arms wrapped around Kyle's neck while he was looking at his phone.

"I'm going to order some scrambled eggs and Milkshake. What do you want, Avery?" Jace asked, leaning against me as Kyle's head snapped upwards at the mention of my name.

Jace casually draped his arm on my shoulder and Kyle's eyes narrowed at this action as if he wanted to chop his hand off me.

"Uhm, Anything would be fine. Thank you." I replied as I cleared my throat awkwardly.

"Okay beautiful!" Jace said as his head leaned in to kiss my cheek and I gasped. In that moment, Kyle suddenly stood up from his seat and his jaw clenched, eyes blazing with fire as he glared at Jace.

"Um..." He then awkwardly looked around as if just realizing that all the eyes in the restaurant were now on him. "Nothing." He replied as he closed his eyes and lowered himself back on his seat.

I settled on Kessa and James's side while Jace went to order our breakfast. Brittany was still clinging on to Kyle while his eyes never left mine as I awkwardly started to stare at the cafe's roof.

Jace came with our food about a minute later and I immediately grabbed my milkshake and started to gulp it down.

Kyle's hazel eyes softened and settled on my lips that were on the straw. His eyes met mine and automatically my tongue went to lick my lower lip that was now really dry.

His eyes followed that action and for one moment I thought that Kyle was going to get up from his seat and drag me somewhere with him when Jace started to wipe the milkshake from the corner of my lips.

"Jesus Avery, you eat so much like a baby!" He said while I awkwardly took the tissue from my hands and started to wipe my mouth.

One moment, Kyle was sitting on his seat and the next, he was standing right beside our chair. Taking the tissue from my hand and throwing it at Jace, he grabbed my hand in his and pulled me up from my chair.

"Come on, Avery. I need to talk to you about something." He said as he started to lead me out of the restaurant.

"Actually Avery came with me, so she's going to go home with me." Jace said as Kyle's legs stopped walking and he turned around to glare at him.

"Yeah Kyle. Just let her go. You can talk to her later." James said as his eyes twinkled mischievously as Jace walked with me out of the restaurant.

"Woah, well that was fun!" Jace said excitingly and I was just about to ask him what he was talking about when he said, "Phone. I probably forgot my phone inside. I'm going to go get it." He said as he walked inside the restaurant.

I was going to go with him when I accidentally bumped into someone and my bag dropped from my hand.

James Lockwood.

He gave me a smile to which I just rolled my eyes as he dropped down and picked up my bag.

"There you go." He said as he handed me the bags. "You alright? I'm sorry for-" He said.

"Oh please. Stop acting like you're a nice person. Besides I know that you're only talking with me to get to Kyle."

"Is that what you think of me?" He asked, exasperated. "That I would use my-"

He was stopped when Jace entered with his phone in his hand. "What happened?" He said looking between me and Lockwood while he just sighed and walked away.

Jace dropped me off to the house about ten minutes later. I got in and saw that Addison and Bree were sleeping since it was still morning.

I got into my room and started to take my shirt off when I suddenly stopped I'm shock as I saw Kyle sitting on my bed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked still in shock.

"Ah Avery, you forgot who owns this house." He said as he started stalking towards me.

"That still doesn't mean that you're allowed to enter-" I was stopped as Kyle's hand grabbed my waist and pulled me down on his lap.

"Shh. Now tell me, why were you with Jace?" He whispered as his lips lightly touched the shell of my ear and I shivered.

I controlled my body from reacting and said, "That's none of your business." I would've surely told him if he hadn't made such a big deal out of it.

"Are your sure?" He said that as his voice became hard and I felt his jaw clench. "You weren't saying that when you were moaning my name-"

"Would you stop?" I pushed him away and yelled, "Can you just stop with your games for once, Kyle?"

"Is that what you think? That I'm playing games with you?" He looked at me with his jaw still clenched and hurt written all over his face.

"Yes! One minute you're making out with me and the next you're with some other girl!" I finally told him

"No, you're the one who's confusing. One second you're kissing me back and moaning my name and the next, you're pushing me away saying that it was a mistake and It should never happen again!" He yelled as we both started to calm down our anger.

"Whatever. Get out. I'm going to sleep." I said getting off the bed and going into the bathroom.

When I came back from the shower, the door was closed. Switching the lights off, I pulled the quilt over me and surrendered to sleep.

In my head, the sound of the bedroom door opening came. I felt someone lower themselves on the other side of the bed and a second later an arm came around me and I felt someone breathing down my neck.

"Whatever it is you think, Avery. There's one you should know, This is not a game to me anymore. It never really was."


Kyle's POV:

I woke up with my arms wrapped around Avery and got out of there before she could even sense me.

I've got to stop this bet thing before it messes everything even more.

I never actually wanted emotions and feelings involved but now that they actually were, I wasn't about to let myself lose Avery because of some fucking bet.

Walking up to my house where everyone was, I announced that I wanted to exterminate the bet.

James, Jace and Matt all looked at each other and then James burst into joy while the other two groaned.

"Come on, you two owe me a Porsche and a Lexus. Now pay up people!" James said as Jace and Matt pouted.

"What are you guys talking about?" I asked, confused.

"James made a bet with us that you were going to fall for Avery in less than a month. Even the bet with you was a ploy to get you to take an interest in Avery."

"What do you mean?" I asked as I stared at James while he just shrugged.

"Well you see, I saw Avery before you guys even met her and I thought that this will be the girl that can tame a person like you. So I offered you the bet which you so gladly took. Plus I even had to pay Jacey boy over here some money to get you jealous because of him and Avery." James said and he smiled mischievously.

"And guess what, I even recorded a video of you saying to Jace that 'Maybe he has been reading too many romance novels'". He said as he pulled up his mobile and a scene which looked too familiar started playing on his mobile that looked like it was recorded from underneath the table.

James: So how about we play a game?

Me: A game?

James: A bet to be exact. How about we make a bet if Kyle could make the girl fall...

James closed his mobile phone and putting it on the table, he said while laughing and his eyes sparkling mischievously "I'm going to show your children this and tell him how their father said that he would never fall for their mother but in the end he-" James's laugh was stopped as I jumped on him and tackled him to the ground.


Avery's POV:

I woke up from the loud number of knocks coming from the door.

I opened thinking that it was probably Kessa or Jace but it was someone who I never expected to see again.

My father.

"Well you seem scared, totally opposite from the last time I saw you." He said as he smirked and came into the house, taking advantage of my shock.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here?" I shouted at him when I snapped out of it.

He ignored me and said, "Where's your boyfriend? He seemed quite protective of you before." He asked looking around.

I ignored his question and asked something finally that I wanted to ask for a long time. "How could you do all that to your own daughter. How could you do that to me?" I yelled at him.

He turned around and smirked evilly, "Oh now that's where you're wrong. You're not actually my daughter."

"What?" I asked going into shock.

"You're mother trapped me into marrying her when she thought I was rich. When she realised that I wasn't, she started an affair with a rich bastard while we were still married. So when you were born and I was on cloud nine thinking that you were mine." He said as his eyes grew sad.

"When you later grew up and I started noticing that you didn't look like me and neither did you talk like me, I realised that I was being fooled. You're mother was a fucking whore." He paused as his eyes sparkled with anger.

He continued "God, you talked exactly like him. You even had those blue eyes of his. And when your mother left, I kept you to take my revenge on him. He took my wife from me so I took his daughter from him."

"Who...is he?" I asked recovering from my shock.

"James Lockwood."

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