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Avery's POV

The class will be starting in a few minutes and I was already running late. Addison was sick and she was skipping class today. Guess I'm all alone.

Since this was my first day, I wanted to be as early as possible. So that I could take the assignments that have happened before I was in this college from one of the fellow students.

As I was rushing to the classroom, I saw Kyle and one of his friends that I haven't met before, looking towards me. Kyle had a smile on his face like he was planning on doing something. I tried not to think about it. Surely he wouldn't do anything in front on thousands of people in college.

Who am I kidding? He's Kyle Finlay. He can whatever he wants.

And I'm pretty sure after the stunt I pulled last night, he wouldn't just let me be. A smile made its way up to my face just thinking about last night. Aah what a wonderful event. Kyle didn't even know what hit him. The shock on his face was damn near worth whatever he's planning to do to me.

As I tried to supress my laughter on the thought, Kyle and his friends had came in to the classroom and took their seats. I think I met two of them at the party last night. Matt and Jace. But I didn't know the name of the girl that they were with.

The professor entered and was just starting her lecture when noticed me. She then looked up at me and said " Ah, you must be Miss Avery Tate?" I nod at her wanting to listen to what she has to say.

She continues " Miss Avery, As you're the new student here and you probably need help with the lectures that you have already missed, I have come to this decision to let our best student help you with your studies. Mr Finlay, will be your lab and assignment partner for the rest of the year."

I look at her in shock and horror. But sadly, her 'speech' doesn't end there. "And since, this is your homeroom class, you guys will be group partners in the rest of your other classes as well. So please, take your seat with Mr Finlay."

I look up to see Kyle smirking at me. If his smirk grows any wider, I'm pretty sure his mouth will fall of to his feet. That bastard. He planned this.

I stood up, picked up my things and made my way towards the jerk's seat.

Just as I sit in my seat, Kyle shifts his chair closer to me and whispers in my ear "So how do you like your new seat, Partner?"

His childish mocking attempt doesn't last long when I put my four-inch heel on the front of his shoes and smile as sweetly as I can. Aah! What a good day to wear heels, isn't it?

"Mess with me again and this will get a lot worse." I whisper the threat in his ear just as I dug the heel more into his shoes. I can see the way his nose scrunches upwards that he's in pain.

Just as I release his shoe of my heel, his face forms into a smirk. "Well, I love a good challenge."


The day went by as slowly as it could, with Kyle and I bickering back and forth. We had three classes together. I tried to ignore him most of the time because something told me he liked the attention that I was giving him while arguing with him.

And now he was humming some kind of sick melody just to grab my attention. Mr Steward, our history professor had given us some assignment and now he was sleeping on his seat. While the other students were trying to do their work including me, Kyle on the other hand had brought his legs up to his desk and was doing nothing but making noises that nearly sounded as an animal was dying.

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