T h i r t e e n

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Avery's POV:

Today, in the afternoon after my consecutive classes, I had gone looking for a job. I tried the café that was near our college. The owner, Mrs. Stan was very kind and generous. When I told her about my situation, she offered me the maximum wage rate offered to a part-time employee. Of course I accepted it and was very thankful.

Now I could start earning my own money and just maybe, I'll be able to take Bree, my half-sister with me. That child didn't deserve a bit of how her parents were

I remembered that I hadn't really called Bree since I moved over here. She must have thought I forgot her.

Mental Note: Call Bree as soon as I'm at home.

And you must be wondering where I'm at now?

Well I'm standing in front of the house of the devil himself.

Don't get me wrong? I'm not stalking him or anything. I just wanted to tell him about my new job and that I'll be able to pay him the next month so he could stop treating me like his personal slave.

There seems to be party going on over here since the music is so loud even the whole neighbourhood can hear it.

Drunk teenagers are making out on the side of the entrance. Cups and ribbons are scattered everywhere. As much as I hate going in there, I guess I have to.

I make my way towards the entrance but am stopped by a girl sitting behind a small table. She is covered with tattoos on her arms and has a couple of lip rings on the corner of her mouth. "Sorry but you have to put your mobile phone in here-" She pointed towards a bowl on the table that was filled with phones "-to go in."

"Why?" I asked her because this was quite unusual for a party.

"It's a rule." She shrugged and looked away.

I brought my mobile phone out of my pocket and put it in there. As I walked inside, I noticed that the party was going on in full mode. I made my way towards the living room where stupid drunk people were grinding themselves on each other. Ugh, why am I even here? Yeah right.

I saw Kyle first on the couch and then I noticed what was going on around him. Kyle was kissing a girl sitting beside him. One of her hands was in his hair and the other was travelling up and down his chest. The first two buttons of his chest were opened and his chest were left exposed to her hands. His hands were rested on the top of the couch while she pleasured him with her mouth.

I tore my eyes away from them and walked back from the way I came.

I couldn't take it anymore.

What did I even expect from a guy like him? He was a bloody man-whore.

Screw him and-

Wait. Why do I feel so angry right now? Could it be- No of course not. That would never happen.

I made my way outside. I need to grab my phone and get the hell out of here before I start making any more crazy assumptions. Just as I reached outside, I noticed that instead of the girl, there was a guy sitting over there.

Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this.

I started looking through the bowl filled with phones. Where is it? As my hands made their way to the bottom of the phone, I realised that it wasn't there. No no no this could not be happening right now.

I dumped the bowl on the table and started looking through it. "Hey!, What the hell are you doing?" the guy sitting over there said.

"Where is it? Where is my phone?" I said with panic rising in my voice.

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