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Avery's POV:

Slamming the door to the bedroom close, tears streamed down my face. My knees shook as I made my way towards the bed. It was supposed to be my wedding night.

It was supposed to be our wedding night.

But now I knew it had meant absolutely nothing to him.

He had planned it all. From the beginning to the end.

Memories flashed in my brain as I realized how stupid I had actually been. All of this had been standing right in front of me.

Why had he married me in a hurry...

The fact that I had absolutely no clue that Kyle could speak Italian until I met Giovanni Demarco...Why had he looked panicked for a bit as I heard his uncle's name... The looks they had given each other...

Why that truck had looked so familiar... It had been mine. I had gifted it to him when I was eight. Why had they stopped me from going into that stupid room then. The look of panic on Kyle's face. They probably didn't want me to see it until I was legally married to him.

The day when I had walked in to his office, wanting to tell him about Kaleb and then I saw Kyle ordering his men to kick and punch the guy. I should have realized that day that no normal CEO of a company behaved like that...

The look of horror transforming into pity in Kyle's mother's eyes after she came to knew my Dad's name... 

Everything. Every look. It all made sense now.

I had been so fucking naive to just ignore that. Or maybe some part of me wanted to ignore that. Because then I had a chance with Kyle.

Stupid... stupid girl...

"... You know what they say, never to mess with a Finlay. It'll come back to bite you."

" But you're forgetting something about Kyle. He isn't just a Finlay. His mother was the heir to the Demarco empire. He's a Finlay and a Demarco. He won't just bite someone who messes with him, he'll burn them until you can't even see it's ashes anymore..."

They were right. It will felt as if I have been probably burned by something. My whole body felt numb.

If a guy like that can use me, can use his own friends, the people he knew all his life just for his goals, then was Kaleb even safe with him? Kaleb had been one of the reasons that I had married Kyle. So in a way, Kyle had used Kaleb too for his own benefit. And I would never forgive him for that.

Tears rolled down my cheek and a sob escaped from my mouth as I realized that I had no idea what to do.

My tired eyes closed a second later from all that crying as I surrendered myself to sleep.

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