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This book follows the story of a nineteen year old girl named Avery who has been through a lot of shit her whole life. Her father had an affair with another woman and her mother left her with him when she was eight. Because of this, she has become weary of love and commitment. She runs away from her father when he tries to marry her to some other man.

During her first day of college, she runs into Kyle Finlay and this is where the real trouble in her life actually starts.

Kyle Finlay is the most arrogant and cocky person anyone has ever known. He comes from a super rich family and gets everything he wants. When Avery ends up standing up for herself, he makes a bet with his friends to make her fall in love.

But what he doesnt know is that, he might be the falling in love and in the end getting his heart broken.

Note: Please do not base this book on the description because it happens later on in the book.

So happy reading.


Avery's POV (7 years old):

The sound of heavy rain scared me even more. Lightning flashed followed by loud bursts of thunder.

"How dare you try to stop me from going? Do you have any idea how much I was embarrassed of you when you called me again?" Daddy said shouting at mommy.

"Oh really? And aren't you embarrassed of yourself of having an affair with a girl eight years younger than you while you're still married to me."

"Don't say that about her"

I was there standing hiding behind the wall, tears steaming down my face. I wore dad's favorite red dress of mine to impress him so that he may come back home to us. But now my parents were fighting. I hate seeing my mommy and daddy fight.

"I will say whatever I want about that whore".

Daddy got furious and slapped her.

I ran to stop daddy from slapping mommy again. "Daddy, please don't hit mommy"

"Shut up" Daddy pushed me aside and slapped mommy again.

"Yeah. She'll only go through pain if she lives longer. Why not just end her now?" Mommy said looking towards me. She had this evil glint in her eyes. Mommy was scary now.

Mommy took a step towards me and started to squeeze my neck with her bare hands.

"Mommy-" My neck was hurting so bad. I couldn't breathe.

"Shh, little chicken, mommy will make all the pain go away"

"What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy?" Dad shouted at mommy and pushed her away from me.

"YESS.I have gone completely crazy because of you. I'm going to kill our daughter so that she can't see the pain that you're putting us through. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be beautiful and not be ugly like this because I got pregnant with her. I'm going to kill her."

"Mom-m-my. Please"


12 years later

I woke up from my bed and hurreidly got down to brushing my teeth. I had to make the breakfast before anyone of them wakes up and starts shouting at me for being lazy.

Oh them you ask? I meant my father, step mother and their children.

And no. My mom isn't dead. She left after just a few months when I had turned eight. She left me here because she wanted to live her life and a child would only get in her way.

So that's how I'm here. I'm nineteen now but not going to college because my dad says he can't afford my tuition. Bullshit I know. He can only afford my stepsister's college tuition but not mine.

Brittany, my step-sister ,who's my age, is actually the daughter of my step-mother, Giselle from her ex-boyfriend. Ethan, who is ten years old, is my half brother. And Bree, five, is my half sister and the only one I'm thankful for being in this world.

"Ugh. Why does my head hurt so bad? Avery, get me something to eat right now" Bitc- Oh I mean Brittany just came down this morning.

"And get me those diet juice for my morning breakfast. And do it quickly. Ugh my head hurts so bad. I shouldn't have drunk so much last night. Didn't you hear me! Quickly!"

"Don't shout on her like that. Don't you have any manners?" Looks like Avery came down too.

"Shut up. Miss-good-for-nothing."

"Ha. I can say the same about you too. You're-"

"OK STOP IT. Avery, I need to have a talk with you" My father said. I look around to see if there is any other Avery he's talking to but sadly there's no one. My father hardly ever says a word to me and now he wants to have a talk with me. Oh God help me.

I follow my father to the study room , hoping the ground will swallow me up and I'll disappear. My father tells me to take a chair and starts his 'talk'.

"I just want to say that be ready at eight tomorrow evening. I've arranged your marriage with my business partner, Shawn's son. I hope you wont disappoint me" He speaks with finality in his tone.

"Excuse me?" Shawn's son? "You mean Mr. Nate? Father, he's 37 years old. I'm 19. He's old enough to be my father. What kind of atrocious and absurd thing are you talking about?"

"That atrocious and absurd thing will earn me money unlike you. My decision is final. Be ready tomorrow"

"Father, Won't you even ask me if I want to get married or not. And why don't you ask Brittany to do it?"

"Because the only good thing you got from your mother is a face like that .Nobody even looks at Brittany when you're around. A face like that is quite useful to me. Now get out and don't forget to be here at Eight"


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