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I'm so freaking sorry for not updating sooner. My exams were literally day after day but now since my next mock  has some more days..

Kyle Finlay's POV:

Kyle Finlay's POV:

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"Mr. Finlay, I got those files and contract that you needed for the partnership with Mr Woods of the Woods Holding." My Lawyer said handing me a bunch of files as we got out of the car.

I wanted to see the situation of this company before I signed any partnership agreement with them. 

Taking my sunglasses off, one of my bodyguards opened the glass door for me and I stepped inside. I looked around me but what I didn't expect was someone to crash into me.

 My hands instinctively went up to hold her as she stumbled away and then I looked furiously at the woman who bumped into me but the anger was soon wiped out of my face and I was left feeling confused as I realised it was Avery.

"What are you doing here?" I asked while frowning, my voice hard.

Her eyes widened and she breathed out as if she had been running. She looked back towards her and my eyes followed her as I saw a bunch of bodyguards running  towards us and then stopping at a distance when they realised she was standing next to me.

She looked towards me as she breathed a sigh of relief. I didn't even realise that her hands were around me until she took them off of me and I felt a familiar pain in my heart.

"Laura said that you wanted me to deliver some files to Mr. Woods." She said, sighing.

"But I never said anything like that." I said, confused. No matter how much I hated Avery now, I would never let her go to a stranger's office alone. Even when I used to sent Avery to the dry cleaners or something, there was always one of my bodyguards checking up on her from a distance.

Oh so you hate her now? You weren't really saying that yesterday when she was in your arms and you were about to kiss her...

Oh, shut up!

I looked at her face but one thing caught my eye. "What happened here?" I asked, gently caressing the bruise that were forming on her forehead. As I touched her face, she flinched and my eyebrows scrunched even more.

"Did you catch that Bitch yet?" Woods shouted looking at his bodyguards as he came down the lift but stopped as he saw me with her. And this all made me see red.

"Avery, Did he do something to you?" I asked resting my hands gently on her cheek as my jaw ticked. She bit her lip, looking away and that was my last straw for me.

"That fucking son of a bitch!" I shouted as I furiously stalked towards Woods. Taking hold of his cheap shirt, I punched his face.

"Mr. Finlay, I didn't do it on purpose!" He screamed as I punched his face. As I was going in for another punch, Avery took hold of my other hand and dragged me out of the building.

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