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Avery's POV:

Oh my God! I cant believe this is happening right now. This looks so bad with me on top of him.

Matt and Jace's smiles turned into laughter when they saw my awkward and embarrassed face. Kyle, seeing me embarrassed and blushing started laughing with them.

There's nothing that I wanted to do in that moment than to strangle all of them.

"Awh" I lightly punched Kyle's side and got of him, hurrying out of the room and trying to hide my blushing face while Kyle was lying on the ground with his elbows propped up, grinning at me.

"What happened?" James entered the lounge area looking amusedly at us.

"Oh, yeah Avery and Kyle were trying some new baby making techniques." Matt said as he couldn't hold his laughter in and then Matt and James followed while I just sat there with my face in my hands as they just laughed at me embarrassment.

"Oh please." Kyle entered while pulling on another shirt. "I wont be interested in making a child any time soon. I want my life peaceful and relaxed unlike well... Children." Brittany came up to him and smirked. He put his arm around her waist and smirked back at her.

I pulled my eyes away from them. Well some people can never change.

What were you expecting? He's Kyle Finlay. It's not his game to settle down. He uses everyone as his little plaything and throws them out when he's done with them.

I know, right? Then why am I feeling kind of disappointed.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the flight is about to land in ten minutes. Please remain in your seats." An announcement came, interrupting my thoughts and we all settled back in your seats.

We landed about thirty minutes ago. I was expecting to go through all those airport and security checkups but none of that happened. We got out of the plane and three SUV's were already there waiting for us.

We reached the house in about twenty-minutes. Brittany didn't actually came with us- Like thankyou God- because she said that it would be boring from then on and left with her friend who was waiting with her at the airport.

When we pulled up at the house, Kyle got out first and was about to go somewhere and I stopped him by putting a hand on his arm.

"Where are you going?" I said, confused.

"Avery, I need to get something. I'll be back in a minute or two." He said as he pushed the stray lock of hair behind my ear.

"Okay." I said as he leaned in and pressed a kiss to my forehead and the next second he was gone.

His actions confused me to no end. First he was hugging Brittany and then he was sweetly kissing me like I was... something important to him. What exactly did he want?

All this disappeared when we entered the house. "So you think you can just call her and you'll get away with it?" A voice loudly echoed which was unmistakably my father's.

I ran in just to see my father on top on the stairs who held her elbow in an almost bruising hold. Bree looked terrified and was crying, while looking at her mother for help who was busy sitting on the sofa looking at her nails.

"Oh you little brat! I'll teach you a lesson." He shouted and I ran up the stairs for Bree but stopped in shock as a loud slap echoed in the room. Bree's cheek had gone completely red and she was crying uncontrollably.

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