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If you're a fan of Kaleb and Kyle's moments. This chapter is made for you.

Avery's POV:


This is absolutely freaking crazy.

Kaleb let go of my legs a little as his eyes met Kyle's who was staring at him in shock with his mouth slightly open. Kaleb smiled and said another sentence that made my heart lurch.

"Oh it's you again." Kaleb said with his toothy smile as he looked at Kyle. "It's nice to see you again. Do you remember me?" Kaleb continued.

Kyle recovering from the shock, smiled looking towards Kaleb and bent down on his knees as to be the same height as him. He slightly ruffled his hair and said looking towards him with something that can only be described as fatherly love and adoration, "Well how could I forget you, Kaleb with a K." 

Does he know about Kaleb being his? No of course not. That cant happen. They must've met somewhere else.

Kyle lightly flicked his forehead and grinned and Kaleb grinned in return. 

Heaviness clouded over my chest as I looked down at the both of them grinning towards each other. They both had the same sparkle in their eyes when they smiled. Kyle, without even knowing that his son was standing right in front of him still had fatherly love in his eyes.

Rhett appeared a second later and his eyes widened as he looked at Kyle and Kaleb standing together. He raised an eyebrow at me in question while I just shook my head that they didn't know about each other.

Kyle's eyes immediately went to Rhett and his loving and caring expression was replaced with a cold one as his jaw ticked.

Oh god, What am I supposed to do?

I cant keep him away from his own child.

But I did what any mother would do.

I wasn't dumb enough not to know that Kyle was playing one of his games. To him I was like a player or toy in a chess board and him the master. Everything about my life to him was a game that he could control and twist anyway he liked. He owned me because of a contract, he owned my dad's lifework and his company. 

But the only thing that I was worried about was Kaleb getting caught in the ceasefire. I knew for a fact that Kyle would do anything to destroy us. But would he use his own son for that? I wasn't willing to take a chance to find out.

"Baby, Would you go with Rhett towards the car? Mommy needs to talk to her boss." I said gently cupped Kaleb's face and looking at him as he nodded and went towards the car, holding Rhett's hand.

 As soon as Kaleb left, Kyle's eyes turned towards me, glaring at me with fire in his eyes. "Avery-"

Cutting him off, I said, "He's not yours if that's what you're thinking." It was like there was something stuck in my throat and I gulped it down.

Kyle looked confused and frustrated at first as if I was uttering bullshit from my mouth and then he said, glaring, "The Fuck? And I'm supposed to believe that!" He continued, pointing towards the direction of Kaleb. "That child looks no more than three years old! And if I can fucking do the maths correctly, he would have been conceived right around the time that we had sex." His jaw clenched and his face was red with anger.

He continued, lowering his voice a little, "And Avery if I can fucking remember it correctly, you were a virgin before that." 

What the hell am I supposed to do now? This is driving me insane.

Closing my eyes, I sighed. Putting my ego and pride aside, I said. "Okay I accept that you may have been my first but you weren't the last person I had sex with. I met another guy after one or two days and he really did knew what he was doing. Lets just say, you aren't really the best fuck I ever got." 

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