F o u r t e e n

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Avery's POV:

(7 years Old)

"Shh... Walk quietly. We don't have that much time. My husband will be home soon." I had just came home from School to find Mommy with Uncle Jonathan. They were in Mommy and Daddy's room. I hid behind a wall so that they didn't know there was someone.

"It's not like he cares. And isn't your daughter going to be coming home from school?" He said while kissing my mom's bare shoulder.

"Oh please don't start about her. If I didn't get pregnant with that bitch, I wouldn't be here. God, I wish she was never born." While listening to my mom, a tear rolled down my cheek. Did my mom really not care about me? At all?

Am I not worth the happiness? Did I do something wrong? God, I will be a good girl. Just let my parents be okay.

Should I just die?

Will she be happy then? Thinking about it, more tears started rolling down my cheeks. No one cares about me. Nor mom neither my dad. Will they even care about me if I die?

"Yeah. Let's not talk about her. Let's not talk at all." Uncle Jonathan said while looking lustfully at my mom. He kissed her and then started peeling off her clothes. I closed my eyes and got out of there before anyone could see me.

"I'll have my fun with her first and then you guys can go next." The voice of the same guy said and I felt a hand starting to unzip my jacket.




I will not let myself be used like my mother.

I refuse to become my mother.

I grabbed the man's hand and bit down on it. Hard.

Ew. I know right.

The guy screamed and wailed. Taking advantage of the other guys shock, I ran as fast as I ever could.

God, a couple of minutes in and I'm already out of breath. I really need to start doing exercise.

Hm, I'll start tomorrow.

I took out my phone to call someone for help, only to realise that it was switched off because someone dropped it in the freaking pool. Screw you, Kyle.

"You bitch! I'll kill you!" Taking this as a sign that they had already catched up on me, I decided to run faster.

God, why the hell these legs cant run any faster?

I looked back to see their location and then I didn't even realise, I bumped into a hard chest.

I was instantly on my guard and was ready to punch the shit out of him.

You don't mess with Avery Tate.

As I tried to punch him, he grabbed my hand. "Avery? What the hell?"

This voice sounded so familiar.

I looked up to see the person who's been starring in my dreams every night. And not in a 'You're my love' kind of way. More like 'I want to kill you and burn your dead body' kind of way. Presenting you 'Kyle Finlay'.

Too bad I needed help right now because he probably had the number one spot on my hitlist.

He was going to say something but then he looked behind me and his face changed from confusion to anger. "Who are they?" He paused and looked between the guys coming near us and me. "Did they do something to you?" His tone was full of rage and he looked like he was barely keeping his anger at bay.

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