Chapter 32 'Last concert'

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The next morning I woke to the sound of my phone ringing loudly in my hear.

"Hello?" I answered groggily

"Lily!" Sherl shouted down the phone.

I immediently sat up in bed, I've missed this girl.

"Sherl!" I squealed with happiness

"I've got a suprise for youuuuuu." she dragged out

"What?" I asked smiling

"Well, my sister got me tickets for a concert and I was wondering if you want to come?" she asked slyly

"Who for?" I asked

"This band, theyre good. But its tonight can you make it?"

"Can't sorry Sherl, I'm in America!"

"Me too, thats were the concert is!"

I bit my lip "I dont know if I can make it, it's the boys concert tonight and my last night

"Did I not tell you it was a One Direction concert!" she yelled "I was kidding on about asking you, I'm coming to the concert tonight!"

I screamed in happiness jumping around my room, I loved all of my friends but I was deffinetely close with Sherl, Kerry and Alex the most.

"Come round to the hotel now!" I told her giving the adress.

I ran through the house waking everyone up, then quickly tidied the hotel room, then pulled on leggins and my Ireland football top.

I sat on the sofa with Nialls arm around my shoulder as we watched the morning news.

Everyone else was still getting up and having showers or that.

"I miss daybreak." I complained, missing the british breakfast show.

"Me too." Niall pouted

Danielle and Eleanor padded into the living room, yawning and rubbing their eyes.

Next through was Harry and Louis, arguing over something. Then Liam walked in, dressed and started making breakfast. Zayn was close behind Liam, in joggers that he slept in and tried to fall back onto the sofa, but misjudged it and ended up face planting the floor.

We all laughed at him as the door went.

"SHERLS HERE!" I yelled getting up, juming over Zayn, doging Liam with a plate of toast and skidding to a halt by the door.

I flung the door open, grinning widely to see a slight shocked looking hotel worker bringing room service.

I took the food of her and pouted walking back into the living area of the hotel.

Harry and Louis were laughing at me.

"Why did you not tell me it would be room service? I think I scared the life out of the poor woman." I pouted throwing their food at them.

I sat back down in my place next to Niall, arms crossed over my chest

"Awwww, ickle Lily's all mad!" Niall cooed poking my nose.

I slapped his hand away as he smiled at me, Zayn was still on the floor but was now in a deep sleep.

Someone knocked on the door and Harry got up to answer it.

"No way, it'll be Sherl this time." I warned him

"Well she'll be happier to see me than you!" he yelled sticking his tounge out at me and sprinting for the door.

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