2 Years later

Niall's POV

I played about with the small ring box in my trouser pockets, smiling at myself in the mirror. After one final check of my clothes and fixed my hair, I grabbed my phone and began to text Lily.

'LilyLoo! Meet me in Nando's in half an hour? xxxxxx' -Niallanator:)

I smiled shoving my phone in my pocket and skipping down the stairs of Lily and I's new apartment.

As I was about to grab my wallet some one rang the door bell.

I couldn't stop smiling as I headed over to the door, swinging it open to have two police officers face me.

"Mr. Horan?" on of them asked

"Um, yes." I gulped my smile fading fast

"I'm Officer Nichols, I have some bad news."

Everything single thing that could go wrong ran through my mind.

"It's Lily, she's been in an accident." Officer Nichols spoke

"No, no, no! Is she okay?"

"She's in a critical condition in hospital."

"Take me there, please!"

"Of course Mr. Horan." they both nodded and I ran into the police car, strapping the seat belt over me as the car sped away, after five minutes we were at the hospital.

I ran out and into the hospital.

"Sir can I help you?"

"Yes, Lily Selley."

"She's in theatre just now sir."

I groaned running a hand through my hair

"Follow me to the family room if you wish, sir."

"Thanks." I mumbled following her into a medium sized room with chairs around the walls and a table with magazines in the middle.

"I'll go and find Lily's doctor, he can tell you more information."

I nodded falling back into a seat.

"Mr. Horan I take it?" a tall man asked walking in

"That's me. How is she?" I rushed

"I'm not going to lie. She's in a very bad condition Mr. Horan, at the moment she is stable but we cant promise how long for."

A tear escaped my eye as I choked out "What happened?"

"It was a car accident, something happened at the wheel to cause Lily to loose concentration, she drove full speed into a parked van."

I stood in shock, this was my fault. I text her, she must have checked it then crashed.

"Sir, is there anyone you would like to phone. Family and friends are what you need at this time." the doctor smiled sadly at me

I knew what that meant, I wasn't stupid. 

"You don't think she's going to make it!"

"She's in a very bad condition sir..."

"Just promise me, you'll do everything you can to save her." I whispered "That girl in there is my life."

"We'll try out absolute best Mr Horan. That is a promise."

I nodded as he left. I pulled my phone out to let everyone know within 20 minutes all of the boys were here, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, Lily's Mum, Dad and family and her friends.

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