After hours of rehearsals on the stage, the audience were filling in as we were getting our hair and makeup done.

I had my hair down and curled for my group performance and my routine with Tasha, then I had to get it put into a neat bun for my ballet performance.

Us four girls had black shorts one with different colour tops. I had a red one, Tasha blue, Dina Green and Katie had purple. We also had high-tops that matched our tops. I had my 'lucky snapback' on. Every time I wore it, it brought me good luck. So i was glad I was able to wear it tonight. I was wearing the same for my group performance and partner performance

I had a beautiful dress for my ballet performance. I was so happy with it when I got shown it for the first time. It was pink and one shouldered that puffed out at the bottom, with a flower at the hip.>>

My phone buzzed just before I went on stage.

'I've got a surprise for you! xxxx' -Hazza<3

"Lily phone away!" Brooklyn yelled

My brow furrowed in confusion but I threw my phone into my bag and went to join everyone else who was listening to the stage manager who was telling us the run through of things.

"Right you've all got your group performance first. The it's your partner performances, we've just put it in age this time so because Lily's the youngest your going first with Tasha and it will go on until Mick and Jamie. Then we're going the solo performances it's Dina, Drake, Tasha, Jamie, Lily, Mick, Katie, Wiley, Ed, Jack, Oliver then Jacob. Then the live act of the night is on, then the public votes will be announced, the act with the lowest votes will do they're final performance before having to leave the competition." he explained

Wow this all just sunk in, I'm going to be dancing live infront of millions of people.

Everyone nodded then we all took our places on the stage as the lights came up and the camera's started rolling.

"Welcome to the first ever live show of Brooklyn Dance Show! First we have the whole group performance." the like announcer guy said then the music started up and I danced my heart out.

At the end in out finish positions, the crowd erupted in cheers. I grinned until we were ushered off the stage.

The announcer guy told everyone what number to call for who they want to see next week.

"Tasha and Lily, on the stage girls." the stage manager said and we took our places going through our dance, again it went quite well.

After we finished we ran off the stage to the announcer repeating our numbers.

"That was amazing!" Tasha and I shouted jumping about.

I ran back to hair and make-up where my hair was put into a neat high-bun then I slid into my dress.

After a while it was my turn to do my ballet dance.

I breathed out and walked on stage to everyone cheering, it gave me the confidence to try and do well.

After I was done I walked of the stage. Everyone enveloped me into a massive group hug as soon as I got off the stage. I loved how close we got and they all knew I was really nervous about my dance.

"You were fantastic seriously, Lils." Jacob said 

"Thanks." I smiling sitting down on the massive sofa with everyone when some of them were still performing.

"Does anyone know who the live act is?" Dina asked

"No idea, i think its meant to be a surprise for everybody." I shrugged

"Yeah, I cant wait to see who it is!" Drake shouted, excited

"Your mad." I said and we all laughed, drinking our bottles of water.

We all fell into easy conversation, messing about until it was the break before the live act came on.

"Sit on the sofa, get of the floor! The main act is coming through here, I don't want them having to step over you!" an assistant said practically kicking my and Tasha off of the floor.

"My money's on its a male act, they way shes dressed and looking." I huffed sitting up on the sofa.

"Yep, slaagggggg." Dina whispered

We all laughed and the assistant glared at us for making to much noise.

"Did she say to you that 'the main act is coming through here', Lils?" Wiley asked


"I thought we were the main part of this show, it is about us?" 

"Good point, I think the hair extensions are putting stress on her brain." 

"Ed you cant say things like that!" Drake laughed all the same.

We were all laughing when we got shushed by the assistant and the main act walked through.

My eyes practically fell out of my sockets as I stared at them.


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