I got into my hotel room and started drying my hair. I pulled it into a neat fish-pleat and let it rest on my shoulder.

I applied light make-up, then looked through my clothes I had brought with me.

I finally chose a floral tight top thing along with a light blue-y green skirt. I pulled on pink heels and added a brown belt. >>

I walked out back into the living area to see the guys still watching the film. I flopped back into my seat and watched the end of it.

As the film was finishing Louis and Eleanor walked in.

"We're going out for something to eat soon!" Harry, Zayn, Niall and I yelled at the same time, we were all ready and just waiting on the two couples that were out to get back and dressed.

Withing a few minutes they came into the living area changed, just as Danielle and Liam walked in.

"We're going out for something to eat soon!" The six of us shouted

Danielle and Liam went into their rooms to get ready and as they came out, we phoned for cars then headed out of the hotel.

"Right we got three cars so Liam, Danielle and Zayn in one. Louis, Eleanor and myself in the other then Niall and Lily in one?" Harry offered.

We all areed and got into the awaiting taxi's.

"I phoned management." Niall said intertwining his fingers through mine

"Sooooo...?" I asked smiling

"They said I can announce we're dating tomorrow, when we're on the TV shows and radio stations!" he exclaimed.

"Woo!"  I cheered kissing his cheek.

"You look amazing tonight." he whispered into my ear

"Thanks Nialler."

"No problem." he smiled resting his hand on my thigh, this somehow reminded me of what Jason tried to do to me and I automatically flinched away from Niall without thinking.

I saw his face fall at my actions.

"I'm sorry it's just that..." I started sighing

"Hey it's okay. Whenever your comfortable babe." he smiled kissing my lips lightly.

Niall was such a great kisser. His kisses were so soft yet so, meaningful and full of love and passion.

I smiled into the kiss as the car pulled up outside the restaurant.

We paid the taxi and walked into the restauarant to see everyone trying to get a table.

"I'm sorry we don't have a table for eight." she said

"Can you not just join two tables together?" I asked

She tutted at me and shook her head "That's a silly idea."

"Not really, it make sense. Stick two tables that seat four together with eight chairs, problem sorted."    Zayn shrugged

"So you expect me to disrupt the whole layout of the restaurant for you?" she asked

"But.." Louis started

"I dont care if your famous or not, I'm not moving tables around!" she yelled

"I wasnt going to use the famous card." Louis mumbled

"Guys its okay we can go find somewhere else." Eleanor said trying not to cause a scene as people were starting to stare.

We all agreed and left the restaurant and headed for a different one.

After an hour of trying to find a restaurant for us we were finally sat in McDonald's, munching away.

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