Lilys POV

Okay this was the day. Today I was marrying Niall James Horan, Niall stayed at Harry's last night and my parents stayed here along with Lou Teasdale to help me get ready. 

Lux Teasdale was our flower girl and Alexander Payne was our ring bearer.

I was sat in front of the large mirror while Lou fixed my hair into a  curls then into a neat updo.

"Right go get your dress on, lets see it." My Dad grinned

I smiled running into the 'Wedding room' and sliding into my dress. >>> (Her hair style too)

I clipped my earrings in and slid into my shoes, then made my way back into the living room with everyone else.

"You look beautiful, love." My Mum smiled hugging me, tears in her eyes

"Oh don't cry Mum! You'll make me cry, then Lou will cry because I'll have ruined her makeup." I joked which made everyone giggle.

"Where's my beautiful Lux-y?" I called and Lux came in dressed in her white dress with a green ribbon around the waist. Lux was three now and was an energetic toddler.

I hugged her as we made our way out into the white limo.

"Lily, your lily's!" my Dad joked handing me my flowers.

"Thanks Dad." I smiled kissing his cheek as Dani, El, Perrie and Jen, who Harry had now propsed to! We all thought they were going to break up but they're trying to make it work.

My Mum and Dad slid in beside us and Lou made her own way.

"This is it." my Mum smiled squeezing my hand.

I nodded, calming my breathing down. I wasn't getting cold feet but this was a nerve racking process!

As the limo pulled up outside where we were getting married, the girls got out first then I managed to slide out last.

Thanks to the boys fame, there was paparazzi waiting on us. We smiled for a few minutes then Paul came to the rescue and managed to get us inside the huge hotel.

"Thanks Pauly H!" I smiled hugging him

"No problem Lily! Good luck." he smiled hugging me then walking away.

We walked through the corridors then waited behind the doors to go into the ceremony.

Lux was at the front with her little basket of flower petals, Alexander behind her with the rings. Then Jennifer, Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor and myself and my Dad was giving me away.

The music stuck up and the girls started filing in, soon it was my turn to walk down the aisle and see Niall.

My grip tightened on my fathers arm as we started walking down the aisle. I looked down at my shoes being careful not to fall, eventually getting the courage to look up and see everyone.

Nialls POV

I looked up to see Lux walking in spreading the flower petals then take a seat net to Lou and Tom. Then Jennifer, Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor.

Next Lily walked in, holding onto her fathers arm, looking at the ground.

I smiled at her, as she looked up.

She looked beautiful. She smiled back at me, kissing her Dad's cheek as he sat down.

I took her hand in mine.

"You look beautiful, Lily." I whispered in her ear as the guy marrying us asked everyone to sit down

"You don't look to bad yourself Niall." she whispered

We smiled at each other as the guy went through all the regular  things.

"Do you Niall Horan take thee, Lily Selley to be your wife?"

"I do." I smiled and slid the gold band onto Lily's finger.

"And do you Lily Selley take thee, Niall Horan to be your husband?"

"I do." she grinned sliding the matching ring onto my finger.

"You may now kiss the bride."

I smiled leaning in and pressing my lips against Lily's.

Everyone cheered as we broke apart, we were smiling at each other as people started to file out and into the other room for food and where the rest of the night would be held.

"We're married!" Lily whispered staring at the ring.

"Yeah." I breathed resting my forehead on hers

"Come on guys, lovey-dovey stuff can get done tonight, you need to go get your photographs taken." Harry smiled dragging us apart.

I chuckled as Harry pulled us al outside into the amazing scenery and the photographers. He got a few of Lily and I, then with the bridesmaids and best men, then with the families and then everyone.

Lily's POV

"I've got an idea!" Zayn grinned then whispered to Niall.

Niall smiled and nodded as Zayn ran off to the photographer.

"Guys whats going on?" I asked nervous as the photographer was smiling and nodding and Zayn headed back towards us, whispering to the rest of the guys.

They all smiled at me, as the all lifted me.

"Sorry about this love." Niall smiled as he was holding my head as the boys stood in a row.

I rolled my eyes but smiled at the photo was taken.

The rest of the night everyone partied and had a good time. It was a great night.

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