-1 month later-

"You sure its okay we come too?" Danielle asked and Eleanor nodded as the taxi dropped us off at the airport

"Course it is. The boys will love you both." I smiled as we hauled our suitcases out and paid the taxi driver before walking into the large airport

We handed over our tickets and passports, putting our luggage on the revolving thing then went and got a seat in the coffee shop.

"Are you sure the boys will be okay with us coming over?" Eleanor asked asked biting her lip.

I had met Eleanor at Danielle's party and we instantly became friends

"Course they will, I phoned them and let them know."

"Okay, thanks I'm just worried in case they don't like me." 

"Course they'll like you El, just dont act like they're the big stars they are. Be yourself." I smiled

She grinned at me as our flight was called out. The three of us stood up, fixing out clothes, picking up our hand luggage then heading for the plane.

I was wearing denim shorts with a simple dotted top, Danielle was wearing plane chino's with a white top and had a striped jumper with her, Eleanor had white shorts on with an over sized top.>>

Niall's POV

After what felt like ages of waiting Lily's plane finally landed.

The five of us and Paul were sitting in arrivials when Lily walked through, dragging her suitcase.

She was with two other girls who must have been Danielle and Eleanor.

They all looked beautiful but Lily definitely stood out for me.

I smiled fondly at her as she was messing about making the two girls beside her laugh.

She looked around and her eyes fell on me then she grinned.

The rest of the boys were looking about the shops and i was the only one here.

Lily ran up to me laughing, I pulled her into my arms hugging her tightly.

This had been such a long month without her, I really did miss her.

She laughed into my shoulder as I let her go she took a step back from me smiling. She had changed in a month, her hair was longer and lighter. She seemed just so much more beautiful than I remember, if that was possible.

"Niall, you there?" she asked waving her hand in front of my face.

Shit, I must have zoned out staring at her.

"Yeah, sorry. Tired." I shrugged

She smiled at me "Well Nialler this is Danielle and Eleanor." she said stepping to the side as the two girls stepped forward. 

They were both really pretty and seem genuinely nice.

We had a small conversation before the boys came back, shoving each other. Not knowing the girls were here.

Lily raised her eyebrow at the boys.

Liam looked up first and grinned at her, they all shared hugs and Lily introduced the girls to them.

I could tell Liam liked Danielle and Louis liked Eleanor.

"Where are we staying? I'm tired." Lily sighed rubbing her eyes.

"A hotel about 40 minutes away." Harry answered slinging his arm over his cousins shoulders as she dragged her suitcase behind her.

"Ahh the mini-van, I've missed this." she sighed stepping in and sliding into the seat in the back, I slid in next to her and Harry and Zayn slid in next to me. Liam and Danielle sat in front of us then Louis and Eleanor in front of them, Paul driving.

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