I woke up to my phone alarm going. It was seven in the morning and the mini-vans that were taking us to the dance studio left at half eight, if we were in it or not.

I jumped up and went into the bathroom, washing and cleansing my face then brushing my teeth.

I brushed my hair out into a neat top-bun, letting bits frame my face.

I went back into the room I was sharing to see everyone else awake.

I pulled on joggers and a pink over-sized tee with a love heart on the pocket at the chest. I slipped into my white converse and threw some things into a bag then headed downstairs to have some breakfast. I had about twenty minutes left.

"Hey Drake." I smiled as he threw me two pieces of toast

I thanked him as I buttered my toast and got a glass of orange juice.

"You excited?"  he asked me as I bit into my toast.

I nodded eagerly.

"Yeah, I don't know what to expect though."

"Me either, I watched your audition last night, your really good."

"Awh thanks Drake, I've not had a chance to watch yours yet."

"It's fine."

Dina stumbled into the kitchen looking extremely tired.

"Morning!" Drake and I said cheerily 

"Fuck off, stupid morning people." she mumbled

Drake gave her some toast and I poured her a coffee.

She thanked us and ate silently.

"Is no one else up?" I asked

"Nope..." Drake answered

"They're going to miss the mini-vans out of here, they leave in ten minutes." I sighed and ran up the stairs waking everyone up.

Ten minutes later they were all sat in different minivans munching on toast or fruit, pulling shoes on and clipping seat belts in.

"Your a life saver Lily!" Tasha gushed and everyone agreed.

"No problem." I smiled as we headed off to the studios.

It was a half an hour drive there so I was texting the boys, once we got there we were lead into a room and told to sit and wait for someone to tell us what to do.

We all started talking and carrying on until Brooklyn came in.

"Morning guys, today we're going to run through your whole group performance, tomorrow you'll all get a one-on-one for your solo performances and then your partner performance. Right get up lets start." he said

Thats the routine for the while group performance where all of the contestants would be doing>>>

-The night before the first live shows (at the end of the week of rehearsals)-

I was really nervous,  I had practised my three routines constantly and I knew every step in my head.

The whole group routine we had all practised and got it perfect>>

My solo routine, I had to do ballet to show I was controversial and my partner performance was with Tasha and was another hip-hop one.

I was really nervous about my ballet one most, I had been trained in ballet but not for a long time.

"You'll do great." Drake reassured me sitting next to me on my bed

"I hope so." I sighed 

"You will, I seen you rehearse. You've got it all perfect seriously." he smiled

"Thanks, your routines are amazing too." I grinned

"Thanks, get some sleep though. It's a long day tomorrow, driving to the venue, getting hair and make up done. Then dress rehearsals then the show. Night love." he said kissing my forehead and walking out of the room.

"Night Drake." I smiled curling into a ball in my bed.

Before I fell asleep my phone buzzed.

'Good luck tomorrow, you'll do great. Lots of love Harry and the boys' -Hazza<3

I sighed and put my phone under the pillow, the boys couldn't make it to my first live shows tomorrow. So when every other contestant had their family or friends coming down, I had nothing.

I was honestly to exited and nervous for tomorrow night it was unreal. It was my chance to show I'm not just Harry Styles cousin. I'm Lily Selley, a dancer.

I smiled to myself and tried to get to sleep.

A/N- Sorry this is really short and basically rubbish, but it's just a filler chapter. Most of the dances I'll post will be choreographed by Brooklyn Jai, he is a real person and hes an amazing dancer. Check out his website or look him on youtube. Yeah he's great.:)

Any way thanks fro reading and if you helped get my story more reads I will love you forever and mgiht even give you a one shot on whatever boy you want? 

Anyway lots of love,  have a great day and that. Thanks again :)

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