Wow, ten hours in a tour bus. One word AMAZING!

Okay I slept most of the way, but the bus was beautifuland so big, even with the eight of us there was loads of room.

Harrys POV

"Lily, wake up sleepy head." I whispered 

"You wont get her up like that." Alex said walking out of the bus.

"You have to do this." Sherl said jumping in the air then landing on Lily

"Wuzzgoinon Wheresthefire?" Lily mumbled

I laughed and she opened her eyes fully "Your home." 

"Woo" she cheered getting up and running off the bus and straight into her house.

I followed behind her dragging her bags, when I looked in the door she was hugging her Mum and Dad.

"Mum, Dad this is Harry." she smiled coming up to me and taking her bags then running up to what must have been her room leaving me down here.

"Harry, not seen you in a while, eh?" Michael said coming up and hugging me

"Yeah, Uncle Michael." I agreed hugging the man

"This is my wife, Amy." he grinned as she hugged me

"Hiya Aunt Amy." I grinned

"Right we'll get Lily to give you the tour." she smiled "LILY!"

"Right I'm coming, I was putting my stuff in tthe washing. What rooms he staying in?" Lily asked

"The guest room on the same floor as yours." her mum answered her

I raised my eyebrows "This place is a bit big, but youll be able to not got lost in a few days." Lily winked dragging me up the first flight of stairs.

"Right this is my Mum and Dads room, thats their ensuite and the other doors the walk in wardrobe. Along there is the main big bathroom and two guest rooms. They're normally full with buisness clinets." She dragged me up another flight of stairs "Up on this floor is my room, two guest rooms, a mini kitchen, toilet and gym." she said opening all the doors to give me a look.

"And, finally this is my music room." she finished leading me up anotheer flight of stairs.

It was a big room with one wall lined with instruments, one corner had a massive desk in it with paper strewn about and along the other wall was a full recording booth.

"Like it?" she asked

"It's amazing." I breathed "Your whole house is."

She shrugged "Well I guess when your parents are away all the time you get a good house for all their work eh? They're only here for a week then my aunties coming back to watch me. Even though I dont need her to." she laughed

"Lily, Harry! Come down stairs we're going out!" Amy shouted

"But I was going to go see..." Lily started

"No buts, get ready. Dress nice, we're going smoewhere fancy for a meal." Michael shouted

Lily's face fell but she went to her room all the same to get ready. I went into mine and pulled on dark jeans, a white shirt and my grey blaser with a white bow tie and converse.

I fixed my hair then went to Lily's room.

"Who were you going to see?" I asked her as she was doing her makeup

"Jason." she sighed

"Whos Jason?" I asked confused

"My boyfriend, did I not tell you about him?" she asked

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