I woke up earlier today because I had school. I went downstairs and had my breakfast, my Mum and Dad had already left to go back to work, they left last night.

I ran back up the stairs pulling my uniform on>>

I pulled my hair into a high pony tail and applied light makeup then pulled on my shoes.

I threw all of my school stuff in a bag and threw it over my shoulder, checking the time, I had half an hour until school started.

I shouted bye to Harry who was staying for a few more days and started the ten minute walk to school.

When I got there, I joined up with the 'gang' haha and we headed to the dining hall where we always sat.

"What'd you do at the weekend?" I asked everybody

"Nothing, relaxed watched telly.." they all mumbled 

"You've got your audition today haven't you?" Alex asked

"Yeah, I got an email this morning, it's all being filmed and made into a TV show too." I smiled excited

They all shared a 'look' then turned back to me.

I looked at them and the just smiled.

"You'll do great, we've seen you dance your amazing!" Josh praised

"Thanks, Harry's coming to pick me up at lunch so all I've go today is music, art, English and geography." I cheered

"Fuck you, we've all got French last." Sherl moaned

"Come on, Miss Mason's off, you've got a sub. Make the most of it!" I laughed just as the bell went.

We walked into registration then into our classes for the day.

Finally lunch time came and I was waiting in the car park for Harry when I saw him pull up the a black RangeRover. I ran over to it and slid in.

"Excited?" he asked me driving to where the auditions were.

"And nervous." I added

"You'll do great." he reassured me

"Thanks, but the fact its getting filmed is scary." I admitted

"Best advice I can give your from the x-factor? Don't act up to the camera's." he smiled at me as we pulled in.

I jumped out the car and we walked inside.

"Harry, go sit somewhere while I get changed." I told him and he went and found a chair somewhere as I went to the bathrooms to get changed into joggers and a grey top and trainers.

I walked back out and saw all of the camera's. I went up to the desk.

"Hiya love, whats your name?" she asked me.

"Lily Selley." I breathed out trying to calm myself, then Harry came up behind me.

"Your just in time Lily, your auditions in five minutes through there." the woman smiled pointing me towards a room where someone was in auditioning, I joined the end of the line of people standing with their parents or friends, waiting to go in.

I breathed out trying to calm myself as I went over the steps in my head. I looked at the sign with names on it and I was dancing along side a guy. 

I looked around and saw the camera's looking at people, getting reactions and some in the audition room.

"Lily Selley!" the guy shouted.

I breathed out and walked into the room as calmly and confidently as I could.

The music started up and we started our dance >>>>

"Lily, your really talented." the guy watching us start "We would love to take you on in the summer camp!"

I jumped up and down in happiness "Thank you thank you thank you so much!"

"See you in the summer."

I ran out into the corridor and into Harry's arms.

"Take it you got in?" he asked after I had stopped screaming I noticed the cameras filming my every move but didn't care.

"YES!" I yelled as I looked over Harry's shoulders and saw Alex, Sherl, Kerry, Kirsty, Harry and Josh walk in.

I squealed and ran up to them.

"I GOT IN!" I shouted as we had a massive group hug.

"Well done! We're proud of you!" they all shouted

"Thanks, I'm going to phone my Mum and Dad." I smiled walking into a quiet area, a camera silently followed me. Then they asked me to put my phone on speaker to hear my parents reactions.

"Mum, Dad?" I asked

"Yes, how did you do?" my Mum asked

"Well I..." I sighed "I GOT IN!"

"Well done!" the both cheered and screamed at the other end.

I laughed then said my good byes. Wow I couldn'y believe it, I got into one of the best dance camps in the UK. 

Wow. I smiled as Harry walked up to me with a phone in his hands.

"Someone wants to talk to you." he said as he handed me the phone.

"Hello?" I asked 

"WELL DONE BABE!" Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn cheered down the phone.

"We knew you could do it." they all said 

"Thanks guys." I laughed as we talked for a while heading back to Harry's car as everyone else went back to school, we went home.

"I'm so proud of you." Harry said when we got home

 "Thanks Hazza, I have to go get ready for work. I've got a shift at the cafe in half an hour." I smiled giving him a quick hug and running up the stairs.

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