Eventually the flight landed and I was standing waiting on my suitcase going round on the revolving thing while Sherl was getting a coffee.

I saw my suitcase and dragged it to the costa Sherl was in and waited outside.

I zipped up Nialls hoddie and pulled it over my hands, then flipping the hood up so it rested on my head.

When Sherl came out we went outside and got a taxi back to my house.

I opened the door to find no one in. Typical.

I sighed throwing everything from my suitcase into the washing machine along with Sherls.

I pulled my phone out to let the guys know we were home.

It was seven in the morning and we had to go get out results from school soon.

I pulled on black skinny jeans, a plain pink tee and kept Niall's jumper on. Slipping into converse and pulling my hair up into a high pony.

Luckily I got some sleep on the plane so my jetlag wasnt that bad.

I grabbed my phone and some money just in case and headed down the stairs were Sherl was munching on toast. She threw me a buttered slice and a bottle of water as we went out the door.

I locked up and we started the walk to school.

"This is the last time we ever have to do this walk." I mumbled 

"Yeah, wow." Sherl agreed as we walked through the gates

We were told to go to the school hall where everyone in our year was.

I found our group of friends instantly and ran up to them. We shared a group hug until we all got handed our envelopes.

I took a deep breath and open the envelope slipping out the contents.

My eyes scanned my results a smile growing on my face.

"What did you get?" Josh asked me

"A* for music, drama and P.E. A's in maths, English, Geography, Chemistry and Fashion!" I squealed hugging him

"Well done!" he shouted telling me had had the same kind of results.

Everyone had got the results they wanted or needed to do what they wanted.

My results ment I could go to the music and drama college where I would learn how to make music,  creating lighting for any kind of shows and there was a ballet class there too.

I would be there for three years then I could do a carrer in music, lighting or dancing so my options were open.

We all hugged then phone our parents and that, typically thought my Mum and Dads phones were switched off.

So I phoned Harry

"Hello?" he answered

"Hey Harry it's me." 

"Hey Lils, get your results yet?"

"Yeah! Got A* for music, drama and PE and A's for everything else!" I shouted

"Well done babe! Here Niall wants to talk to you." he cheered and I could here the phone getting passed


"Niall, how are you?"

"Yeah good, missing you though."

"I'm missing you to babe."

"So get the results you wanted?"

"Yeah, better!"

"Aw I'm so proud of you babe!"

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