Chapter 39

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-The next night of the fair-

Danielle, Eleanor and I were in my room getting ready. Amanda and Paul couldn't get out of college, the JLS boys and Pixie had to go and do some concerts so it was just the five boys and three girls tonight.

I got out of hospital this morning. It was a really cold day today, but it stayed dry. I managed to get the first shower and was blowdrying my hair when Eleanor came out of her shower.

I put my hair into a high bun and pulled on grey jeans and a TOMS jumper. Sliding into fake Uggs and sitting down at my mirror. I applied light make-up and curled my hair to it's normal wavy self then pulled on my leather jacket, grey scarf a beanie and my gloves.>>>>

Eleanor was wearing a grey knitted jumper with black leggins, boots and a blue beanie along with a green leather jacket. She had her hair the way it normally was and natural make up.

Danielle had on a blue knitted jumper over black leggins and a skull scarf along with boots and a black leather jacket. She had her hair naturally curly and simple make-up on.  

(Their outfits in external link.)

We all grabbed a bag each and threw in our phones, money and keys. Skipping to the stairs to meet the boys.

I smiled as Niall kissed my cheek and we seperated into the different cars. Niall, Harry, Zayn and I went in Brian with myself driving. And Liam, Louis, Danielle and Eleanor went in Louis car.

"Right so split up go on rides, we'll be less noticable then meet up in an hour for the fireworks?" I asked

"Yep, thats the plan." Harry smiled from the front seat trying to find a radio station.

He finally found one where Dappy's new song was playing 'Good Intentions' came on>>>

We all sang along for a few songs then I pulled in to where the fair was being held, right next to the sea. I loved it here, the rides were along the pier music blasting from different directions.

Louis pulled up beside us and we all stepped out.

"Meet yous in an hour!" Niall yelled grabbing my hand and running for the Waltzers. After a bit of waiting we got on and secured the bar on.

"I hate these." I chuckled

Niall smiled at me "I thought you loved rides."

"I do but spinny ones make me feel sick."

Niall side hugged me as the ride started to spin round, all of the lights flashing and the dance music pumping loudly through the speakers. 

I giggled as we spun faster and faster each time, until we couldn't keep our heads foward. Eventually it slowed down and stopped.

Niall and I were laughing at each others hair when we stepped off, wobbling from being dizzy. Then lined up for the next ride.

We went on a few more rides taking pictures on them then we had to meet up with everyone else. We sat on the edge of the pier, watching the fireworks. I rested my head on Nialls shoulder as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

"It's bloody cold." Harry muttered sitting closer to Zayn as Liam and Louis were already huddled together with Danielle and Eleanor.

I chuckled at the boys snapping a picture and taking pictures of the fireworks.

I clicked onto twitter to upload a few of them when I check Danielles page.

She had uploaded a picture she had took behind Niall and I, my head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around me, just dark outlines and you could see the bright fireworks over our heads.

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