Harrys POV

"I hate you!" I groaned

Lily just smiled at me.

"I cant believe you persuaded me to go on that." I shuddered, it was the highest roller-coaster in the UK, and extremely scary.

"Awh come on, it was amazing!" she laughed

She had dragged me on every ride that was there, some of them were fun but the rest were scary as hell. I smiled at her and shook my head as she laughed

"Your white as a ghost Styles"

"Shut up, what are we doing tonight?"

"Bowling, home for dinner then out bowling."

"Hmm, okay. Can you bowl?"

"Nope, you?"

"Yeah imma beat you!"

"Want to bet on it?"

"Go for it."

"Tenner I win."

"Your on." we shook hands just as the car pulled up and we filed into the Selley household again.

Lilys POV

After dinner I pulled on shorts with elephants on them on along with an orange blouse and some black flats. >> I stacked some bracelets on and touched up my makeup before re-curling my hair slightly and fixing it.

"Lily ya ready?" Harry asked knocking on my door

"Yeah, lets go." I smiled as we ran down the stairs.

My Mum and Dad were already waiting in the car when we got down, yeah this was another attempt at their  'family bonding time'.

When we got to the bowling alley, me and Harry took a picture together which I uploaded on twitter.

'@LilySelley: Bowling time. Lets do this!'

Withing seconds i had loads of mentions, one caught me eye.

'@NiallOfficial: Have a good time! Beat Harry, we've all got bets on haha!! xx'

'@LilySelley: @NiallOffical, we've got bets on to haha. We all know whos gonna win ;) xx'

"LILYBEAR come and get your bowling shoes stop talking to Nialler on twitta." Harry said in a weird voice

I rolled my eyes at him and stuffed my phone in my bag then went to get shoes.

As I was fixing the laces I asked Harry

"Lilybear, really?"

"Yeah" he shrugged looking around the room when his eyes fell on the bar.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me over.

"Two beers please." he asked the barwoman.

"ID please." she sighed

Harry raised her eyebrows then looked at me as if to say 'does she not know who I am' but handed over his passport all the same.

The woman nodded then handed Harry two bottles of beer who passed one to me.

"Thanks." I smiled taking a sip letting the cold liquid slide down my throat "Now imma whip your ass at bowling"

"No way, lets go!" he yelled which caused us both to start singing 'Lets go' By Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo>>

-1 hour later-

"You owe me a tenner Styles!"

"I let you win...." he said handing me my money


"I thought you said you could't bowl?"

"I though you said youd win."


@LilySelley: I won guys woo! Harry's rubbish at bowling :)

I then checked the boys twitter

@ZaynMalik: Louis you owe me a tenner :)

@Real_Liam_Payne: I owe Niall money boo :(

@NiallOfficial: Way to go Lily :)

@Louis_Tomlinson: Harry what the hell? Thought you were the best at bowling!

@Harry_Styles: Just to confirm I let her win...

@LilySelley: Yeah right Styles, admit it your rubbish and you got beat by a girl

@Harry_Styles: Never, rematch tomorrow morning!

@LilySelley: Can't I've got school sorry loser.... ;)

@Harry_Styles: Dont worry I'll win next time!

 "Harry?" I asked


"Why are you tweeting me when I'm sitting right next to you?"

"No idea."

"Lily, I want you to practice your dance tonight for tomorrow, you've got the audition." my Mum said pulling up outside the dance hall we owned

"Okay, I'll be home soon." I smiled heading out 

I ran into the large dance studio and pulled on joggers and a loose top that I had there and my nike blazers.

I practised my dance for a few hours until my phone went.

"Hello?" I answered breathing heavily

"Whoa, what you been up to Lily?" Louis cheeky voice rang through

"Practising my dance, I've got my audition tomorrow you dirty child." I laughed

"Well good luck. Call me back when your not out of breath babe." he laughed

"Course I will." I said hanging up and heading outside,locking up behind me.

It was about a 10 minute walk home and it was starting to rain so I jogged it and got in a few minutes later.

"Well done Lily, you've got a massive chance of getting in. Remember you need to leave during your lunch hour to walk the half an hour to get there on time." my Mum reminded me

I just nodded and went in for a shower. When I came out I heard Harry talking to my Mum about driving me to my audition.

It was an audition to get into a dance camp in the summer, it lasted the full summer and taught us all different styles of dance. We were all given dances to learn and perfect for the auditions.

"I'll pick her up at school and drive her there if you want." I heard Harry offer

"You sure?" my Mum asked

"Course, I want to see her dance too." 

"Okay, if you want. Go and tell her yourself."

I heard him walk out of the living room and head for the stairs I ran into my room and pulled on shorts and another over-sized t-shirt just as Harry walked in.

 "I'm going to drive you to your audition tommorow." he smiled sitting on my bed.

"Okay, thanks." 

"No problem, someones bringing my car up so it wont be a problem."

"Thanks again, want to watch a film?"

"Lily, its half elven you need some sleep for your audition tomorrow."

"Fine." I moaned pulling a face

"Night." he laughed kissing me forehead

"Night Harry, your my favourite cousin."

"Lily, I'm the only cousin youve met." 

"Makes the statement even more true."

He laughed and walked out of my room into his own.

I slid under my covers and tried to fall asleep, praying that I would do well tomorrow.

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