Chapter 30 'Shopping'

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We all went into our room and pulled on clothes.

I slipped into a black skirt a white tee and a denim shirt, un-buttoned. I put a black scarf on along with a small necklace and some bracelet's, then grabbed a bag.

I fixed my hair so it was sitting neatly and applied light make-up. I slipped on shoes then threw somethings into a bag, spraying myself with perfume then waited on the girls.

Danielle was wearing a black short sleeved tee with a cross on it along with white jeans and black converse. she had casual accessories on,with sunglasses resting on top of her curls and a black handbag.

Eleanor had a white sleeveless blouse on that was covered in dots along with black shorts. She had on a braclet and essentials in a bag. Then she slid into her sandals as we headed out of the door.

"You looks beautiful." we all said at the same time, then started laughing.

As we got out into the warm American sunshine, Danielle and i slid on sunglasses on.

"Okay first shop, sunglasses shop. I left mine in London." Eleanor pouted shielding her eyes with her hands from the sun.

We smiled at her, spotted a shop selling sunglasses and went in.

After about half an hour of trying on crazy sunglasses and taking pictures Eleanor was at the till paying for aviator sunglasses.

I quickly up loaded a picture of the three of us was crazy glasses on. 

I had on massive round black ones with jewels around the eye bit, Danielle had yelloe love heart shaped ones on and Eleanor had a pair that had massive feathers sticking out from them.

"@LilySelley: Always a great time with these two haha @DaniellePeazer @EleanorJCalder xx"

Eleanor slipped her sunglasses on and we continued shopping for a few hours.

Browsing through Topshop, River Island, American Apparel, French connection and some boutiques.

After we all had about six bags full we went into our last shop, Schuh!

I went straight towards the Nike Blazers. I picked up a purple pair with the white tick and tried them on.

I smiled at the perfect fit and went up to the till as Danielle was buying a pair of red Converse and Eleanor was buying TOMS.

We got our bags then started the walk to somewhere for lunch.

We were sat in a small cafe looking at the menu when a girl came up to us to take our order.

"Sorry if I'm being rude, but are you girls sisters?" she asked after taking out order

"No it's fine. But not where not." Danielle answered

"Oh okay, you all look alike." she smiled and walked away

We all looked at each other.

"Do we?" Eleanor asked

"I've never seen it." I shrugged

 "Me either, I think it's because our hairs all styled the same today maybe." Danielle tried

"Hmm, maybe." Eleanor and I agreed as the girl brought out drinks over.

"I've not had an ice cream float in ages!" I gushed sipping the drinks as the other two girls giggled at me. 

(A/N if anyone doesn't know what an ice-cream float is its just a fizzy drink. Like coke or lemonade with a scoop of ice-cream on the top. It's heaven seriously.)

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