"Cool, I'm going to get changed and go buy this." I smiled walking back into the changing room I walked back out a few minutes later to find Niall gone and Harry back in the changing room.

I shrugged and walked back into the shop and waiting in the line to get served when I got to the till I felt someone come stand beside me, when I looked round it was Niall.

"Hey." I smiled up at him handing over my money and taking the bag.

"Hey, I never even asked your name back there." he smiled at me as we went and stood outside the shop waiting on my friends coming out.

"I'm Lily." I said putting my purse back into my River Island bag that was slung over my shoulder.

"Thats beautiful." he replied

"Awh thank you, your sweet." I smiled

"How old are you love?" he asked

"I'm 17, last year of school then I'm going to a music college." I explained

"Oh wow, your interested in music?" he asked leaning against the wall

"Yeah, always have been. I've been playing all my life." I replied

"What do you play?" he asked looking intently at me

"Um, saxophone, drums, piano, guitar and the flute." I smiled

"Wow, thats alot!" he replied smiling at me

"Oh and the recorder!" I laughed

He chuckled "So where are you staying?"

"Near Heathrow, my full English class is here so we've got a full floor to ourselves." I told him

"Cool, we're staying.." Niall started began to tell me when a loud shout interupted him

"WHERE IS THAT LEPRECHAUN?!" we both turned round to see Louis Tomlinson his hands full with shopping bags shouting for Niall.

Niall waved slightly so he noticed and he came running over.

"Dont run away from us again young man, even if it is to meet pretty girls!" Louis joked

"Hiya, I'm Lily." I smiled as Louis pulled me into a hug.

"Your not from here are you, your accents different." he commented

"No I'm from Scotland, just here for a few days with my school." I replied

"Your with your school and your shopping, thats so cool!" he laughed just as everyone came out of Jack Wills.

"Lily, we're going for lunch you coming....." Alex started then looked at who I was talking to "Oh my God"

"Yeah I'm just coming." I laughed "See you later." I waved at Louis and Niall

I walked away trailing behind the rest of the gang talking to Alex

"Lily! Your coming to our concert tonight right?" Louis asked running up to me

"No, I don't have tickets and I wont be allowed to." I shrugged

"What if I can get you tickets?" he tried

"Our teachers wont let us, we're going to see a play tonight anyway." I said

"What times the play at?" he asked

"Starts at seven finished at ten." I replied

"Right okay,we'll meet you there." he grinned

"You dont even know what it is." I laughed

"Oh yeah, what is it?" he asked

"War Horse, see you there Lou!" I said catching up with everyone else as we headed into Nando's.

"Table for seven please." Josh said in his best posh voice taking the piss.

I hut his arm playfully as the woman glared at us but lead us to a table.

We all ordered and I checked twitter while we waited.

I took a picture of the seven of us and uploaded it.

@LilySelley: Nando's time woo!

Then I checked Louis and Nialls page.

@louis_tomlinson: Going to see a play tonight after our concert!

@NiallOfficial: I'm an idiot haha!

My brow furrowed in confusion but my food was placed on the table and all thoughts were lost as we started eating.

"I'm going to the toilet!" I announced

"Nice to know, some of us are still eating you know!" Kirsty said laughing

I slipped away and wandered looking for a toilet eventually finding it.

Once I had done my buisness I fixed my hair in the mirror and walked out of the door just to be knocked to the ground.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" a curly headed boy said.

"Seriously?" I asked as he helped me up

He tilted his head to the side in confusion

"Does everyone in your band like knocking me down?" I joked my green eyes shining

"What?" he asked

"Niall already ran into me today in Jack Wills." I summed up for him

"Ohhh, so your Lily then?" he asked

"Yeah." I smiled

"Your the reason we're going to see a play tonight instead of going ou patying, thanks alot." he joked grinning

I held my hands up in defence "I never asked him to come, he invited himself." I laughed

"See you later Harry." I smiled walking out and back to my table

"What took you so long?" Kerry asked

"You wouldn't belive me if I told you!" I exclaimed laughing

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