I pulled on black skinnys, a plain grey tee and a blue cardi, as it was 10 and night and might be a little bit chilly. I stacked on bracelets, clipped in earings and slid into black flats.>>

I pulled my hair into a neat bun, sprayed perfume, shoved money in my pocket and headed out into the living area where Niall was waiting and we headed out, looking for a Starbucks.

 He gently linked his fingers through mine as we kept walking down the streets.

We noticed a Starbucks across the street and started heading towards it.

I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket, I brought it out and answered a call from Harry.


"Lils! Hey we were wondering if you feel like getting us all a coffee?"

"Suppose." I laughed

I was talking to him on the phone as we crossed the road I wasn't paying attention to anything apart from me and Harry taking the piss out of each other across the phone until Niall screamed my name.

I turned in time to see a car zooming towards me.

I screamed, then closed my eyes, waiting for the impact.

But I felt Niall shove me to the side, in a second I knew he wasn't going to get away from that car in time. I grabbed his arm as I was falling and he fell over on-top of me, just as the car zoomed past us. Just missing us.

Niall and I were breathing heavily both of us had our eyes closed.

"Lily are you okay?" Niall asked,opening his eye to look at me as I opened mine.

"Yeah I think so, are you?" I asked

He nodded, standing up then helping me up.

I looked around for my phone and saw it lying on the ground with several cracks on the screen. I picked the phone up to hear Harry shouting our names and asking if we were okay.

"We're fine Harry, I'll talk to you later." I said and hung up

"Niall...." I started "You just risked your life for me."

Niall just looked into my eyes 

"Of course I did. Lily, seriously your my life. If you died there so would I, I don't think I could live without you. I love you." he took a step closer to me taking one of my hands in his and holding it by our sides.

"I love you too." I smiled, meaning it.

He grinned and pulled me into a hug.

"I'm not really in the mood for coffee now." I chuckled

Niall agreed and we headed back to the hotel.

As we got in the door everyone ran up to us and hugged us.

"What happened?" Harry yelled

"I wasn't looking where I was going and a car nearly knocked me down. Niall saved me." I smiled sliding my arm around Niall's waist.

 Everyone "aww'd" and constantly asked us if we were okay.

"I'm going to bed." I sighed walking into my room and pulling on pyjama bottoms and a plain tee.

I fell into my bed, curling up.

Niall's POV

After Lily went to sleep, the girls went back to their room too. So the guys and I were left watching a film. Just as the film was ending we heard screaming coming from the girls room.

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