-A Few Weeks Later-

"Harreh, come help me pack!" I shouted down the stairs.

It was finally time for me to go to the dance camp/show thing. I had finished all of my final exams and was packing to head back down to London for the shows.

To me it seemed like I was in a dancing version of the X-factor.

"I'm just coming!" he yelled thudding up the stairs

The boys had left a few days after we went o the cinema, they all had a month off to be with their family, we all kept in tough through Skype and its how I got to know Gemma, Harry sister my cousin.

I had three suitcases set out infront of me.

"Right one suitcase, nice clothes and that. One workout clothes and the other shoes, and toiletries." I said

"Okay, I'll go get your shampoo's and things." Harry said and headed into the bathroom.

I started folding all of my clothes and fitting them into my suitcases, then shoes.

Harry came back through with all of my toiletries in a large sip up bag that he placed in my third suitcase.

I threw in my straighteners, curlers, make-up and hair products in too.

 I pulled on my black leggings, a white tee with red TOMS. An over sized bag with essentials, my watch, necklace and sunglasses perched on top of my head.

I let my straightened hair fall down my back as we loaded up the mini-van with my suit-cases and Harry's.

We were picking the boys up on the drive down to London and getting Niall at Heathrow airport.

First Harry headed to Zayns in Bradford as it was closest. I ended up falling asleep on the drive down there curling into the chair, but Zayn throwing his suitcases into the van woke me up and we started a conversation as Harry drove down to Doncaster where we picked up Louis. Who threw his own suitcases in.

"Bye Lou!" Daisy and Pheobe, his youngest sister called as Louis jumped into the mini-van aside Zayn.

"Awh their cute." I commented as we waved and Harry drove off down to pick up Liam

We all fell into easy conversation until we stopped at a service station.

We all headed off to the toilets, and got a coffee then met back up at the van where Louis was driving this time down to Liam's in Wolverhampton.

After a while we got there and Liam ran out placing his suitcases in and waving to his family.

We all greeted him and continued the drive down to London.

"Do you want me to go in and get Niall once we get to the airport?" I offered after I woke up form another nap.

"Yeah, it might be better. Less fans and that." Harry nodded texting Niall to let him know.

Finally we arrived at Heathrow airport. Louis stopped the mini-van outside of the doors as I jumped out and walked into the airport.

I followed the groups of girls and eventually found Niall signing things and taking pictures with fans.

He looked up and caught my eye and grinned, walking over to me and hugging me tightly.

"Missed me?" I asked joking hugging him back.

"Course" he winked letting me go

"Come on, they're waiting in the van." I laughed taking one of his three suitcases as we started walking towards the main doors of the airports, fans following us.

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