-10 weeks later-

It was the semi-finals night. It was between myself, Drake and Tasha.

We had all done our dances and it was time to announce who was going through to the finals next week.

It had been a stress full 11 weeks, learning three new dances every week, loosing a close friend every week. At every live show one or more of the boys would come and see me, and bring their family to. My Mum and Dad were here tonight, along with all five of the boys and all five of their families.

"First of all well done to you all for making it this far in the competition, its been a tough time for some of you." Ant started

"But tonight we have to loose another one of you and two of you will get through to the final." Dec finished

"So the act with the least public votes this week is...." Ant began

We  all held our breath and squeezed each others hands.

"Lily." he finished

Everything went into slow motion, Drake and Tasha turned to hug me as tears spilled out of my eyes.

I saw my Mum and Dad, the boys and their family's at the side of the stage trying to get past security to get to me.

Little Daisy Tomlinson managed to slip under a security guard and ran onto the stage, hugging my legs.

I laughed fondly picking her up and hugging her.

Dec came to my side "It's sad to see you go Lily, I think these two will miss you." 

I looked round and Tasha and Drake were sobbing too.

"I'm going to miss them too, but I've had such good memories on this show. Especially my birthday party." I laughed

"Well everyone tune in next week for the live finals!" Ant said and the cameras went off and the lights came up.

I dried my tears on my sleeve while still holding Daisy.

"You deserved to win." she pouted into my hair

"It doesn't matter about winning Daisy, I got this far. I'm so happy that I got this far." I smiled as I hugged Drake and Tasha

"You two do brilliant next week! I'll be watching yous!" I laughed

"We're going to miss you." Tasha pouted

"I'm going to miss you both too, once the shows over all 12 of us should meet up!" I suggested

"Deffo." Drake agreed as they got dragged away to get back to the house

I smiled as everyone ran on the stage finally getting past security.

"You deserved to win!" they all shouted hugging me

"I'm so happy I got here." I laughed

"I'll take you back to The House to get your stuff." Louis offered

"I'm coming!" Daisy yelled grabbing onto my leg

"Me to!" Pheobe agreed grabbing my other leg.

Louis laughed and picked Pheobe up and I picked Daisy up.

"Lets go!" I smiled

"We'll see you later!" everyone shouted

I smiled over my shoulder at them all as we slid into Louis Black Range Rover, clipping the girls into their car seats in the back.

"Right girls you have to be extra quiet in the house, Drake and Tasha are sleeping!" I warned

"We promise!"

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