I woke up to early to do anything like watch the Tv because the boys were asleep, so I jumped into a shower and pulled on jeans and a jumper with a denim waistcoat type thing, light pink vans and a cute ring .>>>

Hmmm, none of the boys were up yet and I had a few hours before we had to leave, so I pulled out my laptop and decided to do a twitcam.

@LilySelley: Gonna do a twitcam guys! No ones awake in my house feel loney come talk to me :)

Within a few minutes I had about one hundred viewers.

I was reading out tweets, giving shoutouts and answering questions.

One caught my eye.

'Would you ever go out without make-up on?'

"Course I would." I answered "I'm not wearing makeup the now, I don't wear it that often unless I'm going out somewhere really nice."

Zayns POV

I woke up and heard Lily talking to someone so I walked down to her room and opened the door slightly and looked in.

Her head snapped up and grinned at me.

"Hey Zayn!" she smiled waving

"Hey Lily, who you talking to?"

"Twitcam, come and say hello."

"Sure." I walked over and sat next to her on her bed. I was only wearing joggers and saw the twitcam mentions blow up.

"Zayn, I think your topless presence is making girls all over the world faint." Lily laughed

"Yet its not effecting you?" I asked winking

"I've been sharing a house with Harry for a week...."

"Ahh, nothing effects you anymore after that."

"Yeah, are the boys all asleep?"

"When I left, yeah."

"We need to leave in an hour, I'll go get them up."

I kept answering tweets on her twitcam.

When I heard loud crashes.

I picked the laptop up and ran into the room the boys were sharing and were Lily was lying on the floor.

"Lily, what happened?" I asked running up to her, leaving the laptop

"Harry grabbed my ankle when I walked past his bed." she laughed sitting up and picking up a pillow that was on the floor then hitting Harry with it.

"Wuzzgoinon?" Niall asked sitting up in his bed.

"Is that a twitcam?" Louis asked rubbing his eyes

"Zayn is that still on?" Lily asked sitting on Harrys stomach as he tried to push her off

"Yeah, will I put it off?" I asked

"Lets all say bye first!"

We all ran up and squeezed into the screen and said bye, then logged off.

Lilys POV

"Go get ready! You guys have half an hour to get ready for ice-skating!" I yelled walking downstairs as I head them rush about.

I flicked the TV on and watched Jermey Kyle for a while before Niall joined me.

"Jezza!" he yelled falling onto the sofa beside me, sliding an arm comfortablely around my shoulder.

"You look cute today." 

"Thanks Niall, did I look horrible yesterday?"

"No, I didn't mean that!"

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