The next morning I woke up at 9 with Kerry's snoring. I looked around he small living area of the hotel room there was everyones body's scattered around from last night. Wow, we sat up all night watching films and playing truth or dare.

I looked at my watch "Shit!" I shouted, waking everyone up. "Guys its 9 o'clock".

The all jumped up and ran out of our room to theirs. And us three girls went and got ready. We only had an hour before we had to go shopping. I had a quick shower with my strawberry scented shampoo and threw on a pair of high waisted shorts with a strappy, floral top tucked in. I shrugged a purple Jack Wills hoddie on top. I slipped into my pair or white TOMS and put my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my bag and walked down into the lobby of the hotel. I was first ready out of our gang and claimed our seats at the back of the bus.

 When we got there the shopping centre was huge. Even though our teachers were amazing weweren't trusted to walk around the streets of London alone so we were in a shopping centre.

"Where are we going first?" Josh asked

"JACK WILLS!!" Kerry shouted. She was obsessed with that place. Got to admit so was I.

We walked around until we found Jack Wills and we all ran in. I picked up a floral play-suit and went to the changing rooms. Everyone was already trying things ony but I was first into my clothes.

"Guys, does this look okay?!" I shouted to them all.

"We're getting changed give us a minute" Harry said.

I sighed and tured to walk into the room full of mirrors but ended up walking straight into someone and I fell to the ground.

"Owww" I said quietly rubbing my bum where I had just landed

"I'm so sorry" the person who I walked into said. I sat for a minute looking at the floor thinking about his accent, it was Irish! I loved Irish accents.

I looked up and pushed the hair out of my eyes. Wow this guy was a babe. I blushed slightly and looked into his eyes. We locked eyes for what felt like ages but must have only bee a few seconds until he pulled his hat down a bit first the.

"Ermmm, are you okay?"  He asked slightly nervous.

I giggled slightly which made him smile and said " Yeah I'm fine. Hope  I have't ruined this playsuit though." I said standing up

"Well it really suits you" He said helping me and and looking at me.

I blushed and thanked him when Harry walked out of the changed rooms. He really suited the t-shirt he had tryed on but even though he was my best friend he didn't look as great as they guy I walked into.

"Hey Haz." I said looking at him and smiling

"Hey, whos that?" He asked being as protective as always, to prove we were close he put his arm around my shoulder and the guy I walked into look a bit taken a back.

I face palmed myself "I don't even know your name, sorry. What is your name?" I asked looking back at him

He smiled at me and took a deep breath. "Okay, promise you wont fangirl or anything?"

"Promise"I said holding my pinky out. He laughed but hooked his pinky through mine and I felt a little spark. I smiled at myself.

"Okay, I'm Niall." He said

Then it clicked. OH MY GOD. This was Niall Horan. THE Niall James Horan from One Direction smiling down at me.

"OH my God, hi!" I said a bit too loudly.

He laughed and looked at Harry. "How do yous two know each other then?"

"We've been best friends from primary school" Harry said "And now we're here on a trip with our secondary school." He explained

"Cool" Niall said smiling.

"So wheres the rest of the boys?" I asked

"Oh there somewhere in this shopping centre" He said

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